Thursday, February 5, 2015

Christensen Transferred!!!!! One More Transfer left.

On January 19th Keenan wrote the following in his email:

Christensen is a great companion to have last. We get along really well. We have a few people that look like they could get baptized before I go home. That would be really nice. 

Our new Ward Mission Leader is really gung-ho. It seems that he will kick the ward into shape for us. Should be fun.

On January 26th Keenan wrote the following in his email:

We had the zone blitz on Saturday. We found a couple potentials for
the fifth ward.

We did service at the salt mine on Tuesday, and we cleaned an area that
hasn't been cleaned since the seventies. We know because we found a
tin of racquet balls, unopened, and the copyright was 1979. The balls
were still soft and perfect, interestingly enough.

On February 2nd Keenan wrote the following in his email:

We got a new investigator this week that will probably be baptized. But he lives in the 3rd ward.

Transfers were yesterday, and oddly enough Christensen got transferred. My new companion is Elder Raab. Evidently I need to learn something. Wish me luck.

I have but a single transfer left. Crazy.

I am still district leader, so that is nice. I taught a sweet lesson on Wednesday about daily planning. I used 1 Nephi 3 and 4. The sons of Lehi had three nights of nightly planning, and only the third one worked. The first night they left to chance. The second night they used only heir own resources. The third night they went by the spirit.

I love you guys.