Saturday, January 10, 2015

Taquitos, Hot Pockets and Broccoli

We did a lot of service again this week. It was fun.

New Year's was kind of a let down. We had to be in by six, and none of the other missionaries hung out with us. We went to bed normal time and everything. 

We do have a ton of junk food though. Elder Christensen almost died. No members signed up for dinner last week, so we were living off of taquitos and Hot Pockets. If we didn't have some broccoli from a member, we would probably be decomposing in our apartment right now.

I am tired of being cold. I'm glad I come back in the Spring.

All of our investigators were out of town this week. All of them. So we basically got nothing done. It sucked. 

These photos were taken by Elder Christensen

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