Monday, December 22, 2014

Sketchy Hot Dog Cooker and I Heard The Bells on Harmonica

My new companion is awesome. We get along super well. He is a very tall fellow from Tooele. He worked at Macey's. He has been out as long as Sperry, so about 4 months. 

We had a Christmas Devotional in Nevada City, which is about an hour drive from Lincoln. I played "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day" on my harmonica and it was pretty much the best performance there. Just saying. 

It was mostly music.

Elder Harris and I started the Onesie Cult. We are going to slowly initiate others. It's pretty much the most comfortable thing I have ever worn.

We made a super sketchy hot dog cooker. We cut the plug off of an old lamp, hooked it up to two forks and cooked stuff.
Screen capture from Christmas call showing Hot Dog Cooker. 

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Survived the Rainpocalypse and All I Got Was Wet

Transfers came. Elder Sperry is moving on the Antelope. I am getting Elder Christensen. He came out with Sperry, so he is a young missionary. I might him at the training meeting. He is very tall.

By the way, it was a five week transfer. They didn't want to transfer the week of Christmas.

We have our Christmas devotional on Thursday. I am playing the harmonica for a special number, "I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day?"  I am going to tell the story first.

We had a lot of rain on Thursday. It was supposed to shut down the state and drown it into oblivion, thereby ending all life west of Utah. As usual, it wasn't even bad. People overreact to everything. 

Our Ward mission leader was on the show "Shark Tank." He is the first guy on Season 2 Episode 6. He is an entrepreneur. Currently he deals in Camera Lucidas, Camera Obscuras and Zoetropes and the like. His website is He is cool.

We did service at a crazy Filipino lady's house this week. She has a bidet. Every inch of her walls are covered in interesting, intricate gobbledegook. Porcelain dolls, jade carvings, etc. She fed us well.

I am not look informed to biking in the rain in he coming weeks. Christmas should be nice though.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, December 8, 2014

This week felt like forever.

We are supposed to get 5-10 inches of rain on Thursday and Friday. Not looking forward to it. I hate rain.

We met a really cool Macedonian lady. Her name is Yvanka. She force fed me a gallon of cranberry juice and an egg. She is very nice. She came here to the United States when she was 16. She has read the Book of Mormon several times through. Evidently, several of the nurses she works with are LDS. 

As district leader, I had to deal with a missionary chatting up a teenage girl in our Ward. Told president, no word yet on when he will get transferred.

I am excited to be meeting at one next year. Twill be nice.

We had a special meeting with the head of proselyting and the head of technology from the mission department. Not many were invited. It was a training meeting. Mostly. Biggest things I learned:
     We are supposed to introduce ourselves as "your missionaries", people like it more.
     They taught us ways to use technology more effectively
     Emphasized daily study of Preach my Gospel
     Introduced "He is the Gift", talked about how to use it.

 It was fun, got to meet up with some old friends. 

Left to right, Sisters Reber and Hanninen, Elder Hyde, Elders McGuffey and Ewell.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving, Transformers and Tripoley

The members house we are emailing at are watching the old transformers cartoons. Pretty epic.

We had like five thanksgivings. Lots of rolls, mostly. We talked with some Iranians. They were jack Muslims, so they didn't really know anything.  The food was just normal, I was hoping for something interesting, but no luck.  She moved here when she was four. 

We have one kid on date. He is mostly silent, so we are hoping he actually understands stuff. We are pretty sure he does.

We are teaching a great family known as the Rodriguez'. He is the principal at the local elementary school. We spent Wednesday night over at their house. We played Tripoley for some time before we left. It's a game like poker, except with a lot more chips involved. Pretty fun. She was really concerned that we wouldn't be able to play, but I said it was just an old timers thing that we couldn't play cards. They have the whole table and chips and everything. It's a lot of fun. Tripoley is a huge win/loss game. You either get a lot of chips really fast, or you lose all of them.

We are an experimental Ward with I am not exactly sure what that means, since it is already up and running. Y'all should sign up for that. It's really cool. It's a site the church has set up for service. It is designed to promote interfaith work. The test missions that used it don't proselyte anymore, they just teach.

I have decided I want a ball python when I get home. Elder Sperry has told me all about them. They seem awesome.

The other elders that live in the complex are a lot of fun. We hang out a lot.

This is a good area to go home from. The members are great. We meet at 2:30 in the afternoon, which I like. It is really good for missionary work. It gives us an opportunity to meet with people and bring them to church.

I wish Lincoln had more to it. Walmart and Target are basically the only places to shop. Which is annoying.

I have started teaching the other Elders around here how to play the harmonica. It's becoming quite the thing.

It's starting to rain a lot and I hate it. Even though the state needs it, I hate biking in it.

Elder Sperry and Elder Hyde