Monday, November 17, 2014

Totally Flat Haven for Peacocks

It is a lot warmer here than in Utah, still in the sixties. Feels like a lot less than that when you are biking though. I forgot how tiring it is to be in a bike area. I am eating a lot more and I am lots more tired. 

Lincoln is easy to get lost in. All the neighborhoods look the same, and the streets cut back on themselves all over the place. And it is totally flat. 

There are wild peacocks all over the place in our apartment complex. We are going to catch one. 

Elder Sperry is great. We get along really well. He is a lot like Dallin.

This will be my last area, almost for certain. There is a lot of work here though, so it will be engaging. We have a few baptisms lined up. 

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  1. You'll have to send us a photo of the peacocks and peahens. At La Caille restaurant I was surprised that they hadn't served their birds up for dinner. Good luck. See you soon..