Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Ward Split

I have only been here a week, and they split the ward. Instead of meeting in a building nearly thirty minutes from where we live, we know meet two blocks down. At 2:30 instead of 9:00.

I also got a sweet inflatable chair from a member. It is Cartoon Network themed. It is pretty sweet.

I got massively sick a couple days ago. I have slept a total of twenty hours over the past couple says. It felt really nice.

I am emailing at a members house. They are on vacation, so they are letting us use their house for laundry and lunch etc. There is a frozen pizza in the oven and life is good.

We get to spend Thanksgiving with our Ward mission leader and his wife's family. She is Iranian. Should be interesting to see what an Iranian Thanksgiving is like.

For Christmas, all I want is money. I have too much crap. The only thing I can think of is an electric razor. That would be nice.

Vielstich isn't liking his new companion as much as me. Rosenbaum is really disobedient, but is trying to act like he never has been.

Sperry and I get along very well. I have had three awesome companions in a row, so I think my last one Is going to be a huge tool. We will have to see.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, November 17, 2014

Totally Flat Haven for Peacocks

It is a lot warmer here than in Utah, still in the sixties. Feels like a lot less than that when you are biking though. I forgot how tiring it is to be in a bike area. I am eating a lot more and I am lots more tired. 

Lincoln is easy to get lost in. All the neighborhoods look the same, and the streets cut back on themselves all over the place. And it is totally flat. 

There are wild peacocks all over the place in our apartment complex. We are going to catch one. 

Elder Sperry is great. We get along really well. He is a lot like Dallin.

This will be my last area, almost for certain. There is a lot of work here though, so it will be engaging. We have a few baptisms lined up. 

Saturday, November 15, 2014

About Lincoln California

A Brief History of Lincoln
Ba-Mu-Ma, a major Indian village, was the first known settlement in the present Lincoln area. The inhabitants were the Nisenan (also "Nishinam"), a branch of the Maidu Indians, who had been in the area for more than 5000 years.
By 1822 Spanish explorers, followed by fur trappers, penetrated the area. In the 1840's other Europeans were beginning to emigrate from the eastern U.S., and the first farms and ranches were started. White man's diseases, land appropriation, and violence soon brought an end to the Indian civilization here.
The gold rush hastened the influx of Europeans. By 1858 there were 10 towns within seven miles of what is now Lincoln. Nine of these were relatively short-lived mining towns; the other was Sheridan, which still exists seven miles to the north.
In 1859 the village of Lincoln was born. It was to be the temporary terminus of California's first railroad, the California Central, which had been completed to Folsom in 1856. The president of the railroad was Charles Lincoln Wilson, whose middle name became the name of the new town. The railroad finally arrived in October of 1861. Businesses were quickly established as merchants and others moved into Lincoln from the surrounding towns and mining camps. The new town soon became the transportation and trading focus of Western Placer County.
Industry had a much slower start, but in 1873 coal was discovered and became of some commercial importance. The mining of coal revealed layers of very high quality clay, and in 1875 the Gladding, McBean Co. pottery was founded. The production of clay products has been the town's leading industry for over 135 years.
In 1890 Lincoln was incorporated, and town government was born. In the same year the Lincoln News Messenger became the town's first permanent newspaper and is still being printed today. from http://www.downtownlincolnca.com/lincolnhistory.html

About Lincoln

The city of Lincoln, California, rests at the base of the Sierra Foothills in picturesque Placer Valley with the cities of Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, and Newcastle located nearby.
Situated on Hwy 65, Lincoln is approximately 30 miles northeast of the capital of California, Sacramento, and 30 miles southeast of Marysville. Traveling on Interstate 80, Lincoln is only 114 miles from Reno, and 115 miles east of San Francisco.
As a result of the City’s 2002 strategic plan (City of Lincoln Strategic Action Plan, May 2002) new office buildings, shopping centers, housing developments and custom home properties can be seen all around the Lincoln area. A city with an Art & Culture Foundation; an active Volunteer Center; community events; shopping; recreation; good schools; a new library in the works; private country club and championship golf courses; a regional airport and more, Lincoln has a lot to offer!
In concert with its strategic growth plan, the City intends to maintain the small town charm and character of its historic downtown.

Lincoln History

It wasn’t too long ago that the population of the quiet little city of Lincoln, resting at the base of the foothills of the Sierras in lower Placer County, California, was a little over 17,000. But in early 2006, Lincoln’s population reached over 33,000 reflecting the City’s march forward on its “smart growth” plan.
Lincoln was named after Charles Lincoln Wilson, a transportation executive and the builder of the California Central Railroad. The first settlement in Lincoln was made in 1859 by John Chapman, G. Gray, John Ziegenbein, and E. A. Gibson. In 1862 and 1863, Lincoln became very pros¬perous and had a population between 400-and 500.
Lincoln is the home of one of Placer County’s oldest businesses, the Gladding McBean terra cotta clay manufacturing plant, established in 1875, after Chicago resident Charles Gladding learned of a very large layer of clay near Lincoln. The plant is still in operation manufacturing primarily clay pipe used for city infrastructure.

Historic Downtown Lincoln

The Historic Downtown District stretches from First Street to Seventh Street between G and E Streets, and is renowned for its friendly merchants and small-town charm. With charming buildings and new businesses popping up all the time, be sure to make it a habit to come to Historic Downtown Lincoln.
See also our Community page for more information about the Lincoln community! http://lincolnchamber.com/lincoln-area-information/about-lincoln/

Letter from Elder Vielstich

Letter received November 15th 2014 from Elder Vielstich

Monday, November 10, 2014

Transferred to Lincoln 6th Ward

I got transferred to the Lincoln Sixth Ward to be with Elder Sperry. Elder Sperry came out with Elder Vielstich, so I am his Follow Up Trainer. I am also District Leader.

I will be back in a bike area now.

This letter is short because I have a lot of stuff to do today. I love you guys.

Monday, November 3, 2014

The United Order and Halloween

This week went pretty well. Autumn weather is starting to set in. It feels nice. 

We had stake conference this week. Elder D. Zachary Smith of the seventy came. He grew up in the Auburn Stake, interestingly enough. There were people in the audience that he personally converted.

Noah (Catholic, watchmaker, radio guy) was able to come to the adult session. He loved it. It all went well, until a guy started talking about the United Order. Elder Admin was calling on people in the audience to share their conversion experience, and this one guy kept going on and on. 

We also did what is called a Zone Blitz. It's when everyone in the whole zone works in one area for a day. Grass Valley Ward was the lucky Ward. It was strange working in someone else's area. We got lost a lot.

  Halloween was weird. On the 31st we had to be in by six, so we didn't do a whole lot. We went to the ward trunk or treat though. It was fun. For the trunk or treat we went as each other. Vielstich was me, I was Ewell, Ewell was McGuffey and McGuffey was Vielstich. It was exciting.

The guy in the blue tie is Vielstich.  He was being a freak because he was acting like me.
Elder Hyde (as Elder Ewell), Elder McGuffey (as Elder Vielstich), Elder Vielstich (as Elder Hyde), Elder Ewell (as Elder McGuffey)