Monday, October 27, 2014

Auburn Shoot Out, Pretty Sweet

The whole shoot out thing was even more exciting than it seems. 2 arrested in slayings of Northern California deputies | Local News - KCRA Home We were weekly planning at the church when it happened, which is a block away. So we were stuck in the church building for a few hours. Then, on the way out, the cops searched our car with an M16 to make sure no one was in there but us. It was pretty sweet. 

 On the other side, we have a couple solid investigators in Foresthill now. They haven't had that in over a year.

- Elder Hyde

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Insomnia and William Burnett

Things are going okay. We had a terrible week for numbers. I had the worst night of insomnia ever. I didn't sleep at all last night. It's a good thing today is PDAY. 

I may be sending a box home with the Foresthill mission leader. He would be leaving Friday and be in Salt Lake or Cabelas on Saturday.

I agree wih Bro. Burnett. There needs to be some kind of disaster here. Also tell him that something I learned from him has helped a few investigators. He taught me that the reason we can't pick our wards is because it is like a family. We don't get to pick our families either. It resonates well with investigators who are used to hopping around.

Cy still hasn't decided if the church is racist or not. We should find out this week. I found some FAIRMormon stuff on it that I think will be helpful. I've learned a lot, if nothing else. I will send them to you if I get a chance. 

All this difficult stuff hasn't really caught me by surprise. The Lord was prepping me for something a few weeks ago, and I think this is the beginning of it.