Monday, September 29, 2014

Bruce C. Hafen and Burning Weed

It has rained really well the past couple of days, especially up near the fire. I'm pretty sure they have it under control now. Got almost 100,000 acres though. Ironically, up north the city of Weed burned up. About two thirds of it. 

I had a profound insight on Sunday. One of the brothers in this ward shared something great. "Knowing myself as well as I do, I wouldn't do the atonement even for myself." That is very true. So the fact that Jesus did it for me as well as everybody else just adds new depth to my understanding.

Also this week, I discovered the writings of Bruce C. Hafen. I love the stuff that guy writes. I wish there was more. I want to dig back and get all of his devotionals from Ricks college. Something I particularly like: 

The purpose of our existence here is to have an opportunity to develop the skills, the capacities, that are necessary for us to live in the celestial kingdom. When my nine-year-old boy says he wants to drive the car, I must explain to him that if he goes out onto the freeway, he is going to be dangerous—he might kill himself and a lot of other people as well. He does not yet have the capacity to use the freedom offered by a freeway.
Until I can help him develop that capacity—the skill, the judgment, the maturity—going out there freely will kill him. The same would be true of our premature introduction to the freedom—and the responsibility—of living in a kingdom governed by celestial laws.
The assumption of responsibility can be liberating or crushing, depending upon one’s preparation to receive it.

I like how he teaches that the Celestial Kingdom is a lifestyle, and we would kill ourselves if went prematurely.

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