Monday, August 4, 2014

Like a Possum in Heat (The Heat, That Is)

This week was rather eventful. On the way to District Meeting Tuesday,
we found a dead possum on the side of the road. So, the only logical
thing to do was put in a box and then put it in the Stake Center
freezer for the sisters to find.

Once that bit of fun was over, they made us go and throw it away. So
instead, we put it in the District Leaders car.

Feeling quite proud of ourselves, we went on our way. We stopped at a
priests house so that he could come out with us. He asked what was on
the front of our car. Somehow, the other Missionaries had tied the
possum to the front of our car without us noticing. We had driven half
an hour down the freeway and through a residential neighborhood with a
rotting carcass attached to our grill. Pretty awesome.

We had some pretty awesome lessons this week. We have been doing a lot
better about getting members to lessons.

We had another lesson with Cy; it lasted two hours. He had some pretty
intense questions. He never understood the trinity, so we explained
the godhead to him.

We did service for the Schweigs, a part member family. It took nine or
ten hours. We were helping him put a pool liner in as well as a deck.
It took us quite a while to get the pool liner set up, and then when
we started filling it with water, it broke. Turns out you can't use
old pool liners.

I also got to go on exchanges to Colfax this week. We did service up
there too. Elder Ewell and I got to chase a couple of bunnies around
an eighteen inch crawl space full of dust and rabbit poop. Not to
mention it was probably 110 degrees under there. We tried for a couple
hours, and we still didn't get the bunnies. We were hacking up dust
all day.

Auburn is such a beautiful place.

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