Monday, August 11, 2014

Gothic Font and Meth Addicts

Yesterday was an extra effective day. There is a less active family
that we have been working with without much success for a long while.
When we spoke with them yesterday, he shared his feelings about why he
isn't coming to church. He feels out of place at church, and he feels
he isn't worthy to receive a confirmation that the church is true. He
has been a member since 1961, so he has been holding this in for a
while. We taught him about the Atonement and how we are all worthy to
receive that confirmation. We also told him that even fully active
members feel out do place at church sometimes,

After that we went and saw Annie, a long term investigator who is
busier than all get out. It is hard to find times to meet with her.
She is in her late forties, and just found out her daughter is back on
meth. Except this time, Annie's daughter took her daughter with her.
Annie's granddaughter is only two years old, and is now living with a
meth addict prostitute in an unknown location. She wanted to know why
wicked, evil things are allowed to happen to two year olds. We
explained about agency, and also shared Alma chapter 14 with her. This
is the story where Alma and Amulek are forced to watch the righteous
women and children burn. She began to have an understanding of why
these things happen. It is one of the hardest parts about faith to
allow these things to be in Gods hands.

In other news, we went 600 miles over our driving limit last month, so
we decided to make it up to the Car Missionaries by sending this.

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