Monday, July 7, 2014

Thomas Kinkade, Craps, and IPads

We had the most amazing Tracting day yesterday. We went out in the
evening and almost everybody was home and nice. We picked up three
investigators. Three! That's like thirty times the average for how
many houses we did.

A member also gave us an investigator who is super solid. His name is
Cy. He played football for Kansas State. He currently goes to Bayside,
but it doesn't seem that he has been antied yet. Which is good.

I learned this week that Thomas Kinkade did a painting of Auburn. It's
called "Main Street Courthouse." It's of Old Town Auburn. Apparently
he lived in Placerville for a while.

Transfers came and went, with no changes that affected us.
Understandable, since the new President has only been here a week. We
get to meet him on Thursday.

The Fourth of July was a lot of fun. We started the morning in Auburn
at the ward breakfast. Our new investigator came to that, which was
good. Then we went up to Foresthill for the rest of e day, because
most of the city was on Main Street for the fair. The museum was open,
so we learned a lot about Foresthill. Most of the people didn't know
Mormons were in the city. We were able to clear that up.

Then we went to an inactive members house. They had family over, but
they let us in anyway. He bought a new Craps table. But interestingly
enough, we talked a lot about missionary stuff. They had a lot of
questions. I never thought I would have a spiritual discussion while
people were drinking and gambling.

I was able to answer a question I have had for a long time. I have
wondered who made the iPad sale to the church, because I thought they
should get a big raise. Turns out, Sister Dever in our ward was the
one who made the sale. And trust me, her house proves it. Needless to
say, they have every Apple product imaginable.

Speaking of iPads, the church just announced that iPads will be
standard in USA, Canada, Japan, and Western Europe. Missionaries will
pay four hundred dollars for an iPad, and then get to keep it. Which
means, our mission got free iPads! Yay! We are the only round of
missionaries this will happen to.

On a more spiritual note, I listened to every Paul H. Dunn talk he
ever did in general conference. He has great stories. You should go
and read them.

I also came across an amazing article by Bruce C. Hafen that I want
all of you to read. It is called "The Waning of Belonging," in the
October 1989 Ensign. It is great.

- Elder Hyde

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