Monday, July 28, 2014

The Perfection of a Watch and the Ignorance of a Few

So lately we have been working on finding people to work with, so we
have been wading through all of the old records in the Area Book. We
found the most interesting guy ever. He was a former investigator from
about a year ago. I actually knew the missionary that taught him, so I
called him up and got all the information. When we went over there, it
was even better than I had imagined.

His nameis Noah, and he is a watchmaker. And a lawyer. And a teacher.
And a charter school owner. And a Mercedes mechanic. This guy likes to
tinker, especially with theology. He studied out religions deeply a
while back, including atheism, and he came to the conclusion that
there are only two options: Catholics and Mormons. Currently he is
catholic, but we will change that.

My favorite aspect of Noah is his watchmaking. He answered the door in
a lab coat and invited us to see his workshop. He restores and repairs
old watches. He studied in Switzerland. He gave an hour lecture on
watches and time keeping machinery. Very cool. This is one of the
watches he built:

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