Monday, July 28, 2014

The Perfection of a Watch and the Ignorance of a Few

So lately we have been working on finding people to work with, so we
have been wading through all of the old records in the Area Book. We
found the most interesting guy ever. He was a former investigator from
about a year ago. I actually knew the missionary that taught him, so I
called him up and got all the information. When we went over there, it
was even better than I had imagined.

His nameis Noah, and he is a watchmaker. And a lawyer. And a teacher.
And a charter school owner. And a Mercedes mechanic. This guy likes to
tinker, especially with theology. He studied out religions deeply a
while back, including atheism, and he came to the conclusion that
there are only two options: Catholics and Mormons. Currently he is
catholic, but we will change that.

My favorite aspect of Noah is his watchmaking. He answered the door in
a lab coat and invited us to see his workshop. He restores and repairs
old watches. He studied in Switzerland. He gave an hour lecture on
watches and time keeping machinery. Very cool. This is one of the
watches he built:

Monday, July 21, 2014

We had some good success this week.

We taught a fantastic lesson to our only progressing investigators. We
taught them about Zener 12, and how the Brother of Jared moved the
mountain by faith. We all have our mountains that need to be removed,
and they can be removed instantly, if we have the faith. It was a good

We went to the tallest bridge in California today. It is on the way to
Foresthill. It is 730 feet high.

Our apartment is great. I have a mini fridge right next to my desk.
Currently it is full of Peachee and RC Cola. Good stuff.

Elder Van Kammen is my favorite companion. We get along well, we teach
well together.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, July 14, 2014

Germanic Miracles and the Jesus Lotion Collectors Set

We got to meet our new mission president this week. He is an amazing guy.

He and his twin sister were born in Germany in 1954. His parents were
living in a refugee camp at the time. His parents already had a few
kids to take care of, and hey weren't sure how they were going to be
able to support two more.

Meanwhile, at the American military base, here was a couple who had
been trying to have kids for years but were unable to. They decided
they would adopt some 8 to 10 year old children out of war torn
Germany. They read about an orphanage a few miles from the base.

On the way there, they took a wrong turn and ended up at the refugee
camp. They asked the coordinator if there were any children to adopt.
He explained that it wasn't really that kind of place. But then he
remembered a family to which twins were recently born. The mother had
decided it would be best if her babies grew up elsewhere. The
coordinator asked if they were interested, and they were.

So a war beaten family, a sorrowful mother, gave her newborn twins to
an American mother, who she knew could give them a better shot at

The Americans just happened to be Mormon.

President Marston then spoke about how important it is to listen to
the spirit. He is grateful that both of his mothers were listening to
the spirit so that he could be were he is.

Later in life, he married and had four daughters. He was called to be
the bishop of his ward, and life was perfect. Unexpectedly, his wife
had a massive heart attack and died, leaving him alone as a bishop
with four young girls.

The stake president spoke to him, and told him they were going to
release him, so he could take care of his family. The stake president
returned. Couple weeks later and said that they could not receive
inspiration on who should be the new bishop. They had a stupor of
thought. President Marston was bishop for another ten months.

He taught us how serving others allows us to overcome our own sorrows.

A year or so later, he met his current wife. He said that they never
really went on dates, she just came and helped him do laundry, take
care of the girls, etc. They got married and had two more girls and a

He is missing his youngest daughters wedding to be on a mission.

He is a fantastic guy. Really swell.

This week has been tough. We have been trying hard to build up our
teaching pool.

I figured out how to play "Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da" by the Beatles on my
harmonica. So that is good news.

It is supposed to be 106 degrees today. I am enjoying it.

A lady in our ward does doTERRA, and we narrowly avoided being a part
of a doTERRA party. But she did give us frankincense samples. It
smells really good. She says it can cure cancer, but somehow I don't
think so. I also want a myrrh sample, so I can have the full Jesus
Lotion collectors set, but apparently myrrh is freakishly expensive.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Thomas Kinkade, Craps, and IPads

We had the most amazing Tracting day yesterday. We went out in the
evening and almost everybody was home and nice. We picked up three
investigators. Three! That's like thirty times the average for how
many houses we did.

A member also gave us an investigator who is super solid. His name is
Cy. He played football for Kansas State. He currently goes to Bayside,
but it doesn't seem that he has been antied yet. Which is good.

I learned this week that Thomas Kinkade did a painting of Auburn. It's
called "Main Street Courthouse." It's of Old Town Auburn. Apparently
he lived in Placerville for a while.

Transfers came and went, with no changes that affected us.
Understandable, since the new President has only been here a week. We
get to meet him on Thursday.

The Fourth of July was a lot of fun. We started the morning in Auburn
at the ward breakfast. Our new investigator came to that, which was
good. Then we went up to Foresthill for the rest of e day, because
most of the city was on Main Street for the fair. The museum was open,
so we learned a lot about Foresthill. Most of the people didn't know
Mormons were in the city. We were able to clear that up.

Then we went to an inactive members house. They had family over, but
they let us in anyway. He bought a new Craps table. But interestingly
enough, we talked a lot about missionary stuff. They had a lot of
questions. I never thought I would have a spiritual discussion while
people were drinking and gambling.

I was able to answer a question I have had for a long time. I have
wondered who made the iPad sale to the church, because I thought they
should get a big raise. Turns out, Sister Dever in our ward was the
one who made the sale. And trust me, her house proves it. Needless to
say, they have every Apple product imaginable.

Speaking of iPads, the church just announced that iPads will be
standard in USA, Canada, Japan, and Western Europe. Missionaries will
pay four hundred dollars for an iPad, and then get to keep it. Which
means, our mission got free iPads! Yay! We are the only round of
missionaries this will happen to.

On a more spiritual note, I listened to every Paul H. Dunn talk he
ever did in general conference. He has great stories. You should go
and read them.

I also came across an amazing article by Bruce C. Hafen that I want
all of you to read. It is called "The Waning of Belonging," in the
October 1989 Ensign. It is great.

- Elder Hyde