Monday, June 16, 2014

Spaghetti Banana Split with a Ladle

This photo of Elder Hyde is from a text message received from Aubrie Bragg, a ward member. 
We were lucky enough to attend the Elders Quorum activity on Friday.
The surprise was that we had to eat a full spaghetti dinner with
non-traditional implements. For example, I was drinking out of a
pitcher, eating out of a banana split bowl, and eating with a ladle.
Another guy in the ward was eating out of a cookie jar with tongs. Fun

We are beginning a new program in our ward to help members do
missionary work. It works in three phases and by the end they should
have their own mission plan. We are making a workbook pamphlet thing
for it. Hopefully it will be done by next week so I can send the file
to all of you.

Auburn is extremely wealthy. Some of the members have the nicest
houses I have ever seen. There are several doctors in the ward, as
well as business owners. On top of that, all of the houses are far
apart. This makes Auburn a hard place to proselyte. Which is why we
are starting the member missionary work thing.

The Colfax elders broke their car so it won't go in reverse. We are
their shuttle while their car is in the shop, at least on PDays.

Here seem to be a lot more grumpy less actives here in Auburn. It's
probably because people move here to hide.

- Elder Hyde

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