Monday, June 9, 2014

Of Bike Rides and Richard Dawkins

We went on a bike ride this morning. We biked this trail in between Foresthill and Auburn. Lots of hills. The downhill parts were fun. We hit probably 40 mph coming down the hill back to the car. It was sweet.

Although I was supposed to get a new iPad this week, the Sister in charge hasn't been in the office for a week. So. 

Yesterday we taught a former investigator. He was in the area book as "an atheist high school student." But now, he is an atheist college student. We talked a lot of ideas. He is a big follower of Richard Dawkins. He also taught us about the topical applications of marijuana. Nice kid though.

This ward has a lot of less-active work. Part of that is that so many parts of the ward are isolated. Some families live 45 minutes out in the sticks. It is hard to find investigators here, because of how spread out it is. 

One of the families we are teaching went inactive a couple years ago after they lost a baby. He has shut himself off from a lot of emotions. We have been teaching them, and they have been coming back to church. Their wounds are healing. 

I like this ward a lot. The members are excellent. 

Elder Van Kammen is an excellent missionary. He understands how the work progresses. He his highly motivated and task oriented. 

I found a jaw harp in an antique store in Colfax. It is the perfect instrument to describe this area. 

There are a lot of frogs here. Big ones, too. Most are about the size of a fist. 

The members we live with have these huge, fat, chocolate labs. They are so fat they can't even jump. They try, but only get 3 inches off the ground. We are in charge of feeding them for a while, because the Nielsons are on a church history tour out east.

- Elder Hyde

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