Monday, June 23, 2014

Heroin and the Serenity Prayer

The most exciting thing that happened this week:

We have been tracting a lot lately, because we have run out of work.
We were walking down the street and saw this lady lying down in the
gutter. She looked like she was just sunbathing, but when we said
hello to her, it took her fifteen seconds to respond. She was talking
really slow and she slurred her words a lot. We were going to walk
off, but then her sister came out and started talking to us. We were
having a great discussion, but her drugged out sister kept yelling at
us. They wouldn't believe that we are out here of our own free will.
It was weird. The one girl was on something other than alcohol. It
seemed like heroin or something similar. She was freaky. They wouldn't
let us leave until we read the serenity prayer with them.

But among all the tracting, we finally found someone. His name is Ed,
and he wants a Book of Mormon. He seemed really interested by the idea
of prophets being on the earth again.

Since we are out of work, we are developing a mission workbook for the
members to go through so that they can find work for us to do. Trying
to get members to cooperate is the hardest part of missionary work.

We get our new Mission President four days before transfers. So
hopefully transfers work out okay. There are so many rumors going
around the stake about sister missionaries and area divisions. Who
knows what will happen.

Our washer broke, and it won't drain. Or spin. So I have been wringing
out my clothes before I can put them in the dryer.

- Elder Hyde

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