Monday, June 2, 2014

Auburn: Gateway to the Sierras

Auburn is fantastic.

I feel like I am up in the Uintahs. There are so many trees, so many deer. We cover part of Auburn, and the small cities of Ophir, Newcastle, and Foresthill. 

We live with members who own a mansion. Most people here own at least an acre. There are some massive houses around. Huge, three story castles on top of hills. But there are also those small little cabins that have been around forever, as well as the token trailer park. 

This is the view from one of the members front porch. This was a bad day with smog.

Forest Hill is a little tiny town that is half an hour away from our house, so we only go up there on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There are a lot of deer that roam around up there. 

The second tallest bridge in California is in our area. Apparently Vin Deisel drove a truck off it in some movie. 

Newcastle is a small, old mining town. Some members live in a house from 1898.

Ophir has a population of 100 or so. It's not very interesting. Very pretty though.

We drive about 70 miles a day in our little Chevy Colorado. This place reminds me of a more rural bountiful. There are a lot of cows, goats, horses, and chickens up here. It is so peaceful.

The members we live with live in a mountain mansion. They have 50 chickens that we feed and collect the eggs from. The eggs taste so much better. I made German Pancakes with them and they were to die for. Crazy good stuff. I am going to make egg salad now.

Elder Van Kammen is a great missionary. Very focused. Teaches well.

Van Kammen and I got lost trying to find this ladies house. We ended up driving around on this sketchy mountain road. We finally found the house. She lives so deep in the mountain that they run everything off of a generator and they have to pump all their water. Fantastic view though. Very quiet. 

We taught a guy in the Placer County Jail this week. He is excommunicated, so we needed President's permission to continue teaching him, and then we discovered we aren't allowed to teach incarcerated people. So all those times in Marysville weren't kosher. 

Today for PDay we are going up to the Biggs place, which is 10 acres of fun. Massive zipline, ewok village, hay bale maze, all the fun stuff. Next week we are going golfing with the bishop.

I have a feeling I am going to have to watch my weight. Combined with not biking, all the members here make amazing food, since all the ingredients come from here. Real sugar, flour, eggs, honey, fruits, and vegetables. Everything tastes so good.

Things seem much more structured here. Unfortunately, we don't have very many investigators. We will have to work on finding more in these little underpopulated towns. 

- Elder Hyde

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