Monday, May 19, 2014

Gallon Bag of Pamphlets

Sister Warren gave me a gallon bag of old church pamphlets from the fifties and sixties. Extremely interesting stuff.

We baptized Lilian Hendrix Saturday. But she got the stomach flu, so she hasn't been confirmed yet. Her Filipino step-mom is a fantastic cook and she prepared us a magnificent feast of egg rolls, teriyaki beef, etc. Wonderful.

We got two referrals to miraculously replace the two investigators we just baptized. Hopefully they pan out.

We had an amazing lesson with Russell and Sophia. They have been going through marital difficulties as well as health difficulties. When we arrived at their house, they weren't talking to each other or anything. So we divided and conquered. We talked to them each separately, and then taught them how to pray. They both offered the most sincere prayers I have ever heard in my life. They finally understood the power of the Spirit, because he was there. They came to church yesterday and enjoyed themselves immensely.

We had zone conference this week, and our singing went well. We are working on getting a recording of it to share with you guys.

Transfers are next Sunday. I think I will be leaving. 

Gillies almost got bike jacked. Kinda. This kid tried to take it, but he was tweaking out. He was half the size of Gillies. Crazy people.

- Elder Hyde

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