Monday, May 26, 2014

Tragedies and Transfers

This has been a week of tragedy, yet also of success. One of our solid investigators was drunk for the entire first part of the week. Her husband is in wheelchair so he couldn't do a whole lot. We were able to help him get a gun safe so she doesn't do anything stupid.

We also met a lady at Ellis Lake who had walked from Yuba City, about 8 miles. Her husband confessed he was cheating on her. So she starting walking so that she wouldn't kill him. We were able to buy her a large Sprite to make her feel better though.

We picked up two new investigators, a young unmarried couple. They are both Catholic and come from active families. But she is pregnant. So they are afraid. We are teaching them now. 

We finally finished moving into our new apartment, just in time for transfers. 

I have been transferred to the Auburn 3rd ward. My new address is 2800 Shirland Tract, Auburn CA 95603. It's not just a car area, it's a TRUCK area. It's like the Gridley ward, in the sense that we cover part of Auburn and then a whole little town. Lots of trees and farmland. 

My new companion is Elder Van Kammen, and he has been out just one transfer less than me.

I am going to miss Marysville. It's probably the best place I've been so far. Lots of cool stuff happened here. But Auburn is promising. There is scenery. There are a lot of members. Should be good.

- Elder Hyde

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