Monday, May 12, 2014

Of Drunks and Corduroy Happiness

SO, interesting thing happened Saturday night. Gillies and I were biking home past a couple of bars, and we got stopped by a gaggle of drunk women, mid- to late thirties. They took an unholy amount of "selfies" with us before they let us go. They even asked Gillies to take his clothes off because he looks like Channing Tatum.

I found out I won't be able to email consistently. The overprotective idiotic and ignorant family history center biddies have banished missionaries. Coupled with not having an iPad, I will be limited. Apparently someone left the door unlocked. As if there is anything worth stealing in there. So many criminals are stealing twelve year old, barely functioning computers these days. And large, unwieldy tomes on the inhabitants of Oxfordshire from 1800 to 1850. They especially fight through two locked doors to get the one door that is unlocked. Because the five dollars they could sell the computer and the books for is worth it. I guess I will have to find a public library or something.

I found a corduroy hackey sack at Zumiez today. Never been in that store before, probably never will again. What I could see through the variety of skateboard decks implied a weed smoking, laid back, irresponsible lifestyle. Cool hackey sack though. I will be practicing for the next eleven months, so hopefully I will get pretty good.

A few other missionaries and I get to sing at zone conference on Thursday. It is the song "Hallelujah", but with Jesus lyrics. I am pretty sure someone is recording it, so you will get to see it.

We baptized Breezin Brick on Saturday. It was a great service. I will send pictures. She is an eleven year old girl. The only reason she wasn't baptized before was because her Dad hates Mormonism. But, her Mom has eighty percent custody, so too bad for him.

Elder Keenan Hyde and Elder Gillies - New Haircuts (Katrina Brooks)

- Elder Hyde

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