Monday, May 26, 2014

Tragedies and Transfers

This has been a week of tragedy, yet also of success. One of our solid investigators was drunk for the entire first part of the week. Her husband is in wheelchair so he couldn't do a whole lot. We were able to help him get a gun safe so she doesn't do anything stupid.

We also met a lady at Ellis Lake who had walked from Yuba City, about 8 miles. Her husband confessed he was cheating on her. So she starting walking so that she wouldn't kill him. We were able to buy her a large Sprite to make her feel better though.

We picked up two new investigators, a young unmarried couple. They are both Catholic and come from active families. But she is pregnant. So they are afraid. We are teaching them now. 

We finally finished moving into our new apartment, just in time for transfers. 

I have been transferred to the Auburn 3rd ward. My new address is 2800 Shirland Tract, Auburn CA 95603. It's not just a car area, it's a TRUCK area. It's like the Gridley ward, in the sense that we cover part of Auburn and then a whole little town. Lots of trees and farmland. 

My new companion is Elder Van Kammen, and he has been out just one transfer less than me.

I am going to miss Marysville. It's probably the best place I've been so far. Lots of cool stuff happened here. But Auburn is promising. There is scenery. There are a lot of members. Should be good.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, May 19, 2014

Gallon Bag of Pamphlets

Sister Warren gave me a gallon bag of old church pamphlets from the fifties and sixties. Extremely interesting stuff.

We baptized Lilian Hendrix Saturday. But she got the stomach flu, so she hasn't been confirmed yet. Her Filipino step-mom is a fantastic cook and she prepared us a magnificent feast of egg rolls, teriyaki beef, etc. Wonderful.

We got two referrals to miraculously replace the two investigators we just baptized. Hopefully they pan out.

We had an amazing lesson with Russell and Sophia. They have been going through marital difficulties as well as health difficulties. When we arrived at their house, they weren't talking to each other or anything. So we divided and conquered. We talked to them each separately, and then taught them how to pray. They both offered the most sincere prayers I have ever heard in my life. They finally understood the power of the Spirit, because he was there. They came to church yesterday and enjoyed themselves immensely.

We had zone conference this week, and our singing went well. We are working on getting a recording of it to share with you guys.

Transfers are next Sunday. I think I will be leaving. 

Gillies almost got bike jacked. Kinda. This kid tried to take it, but he was tweaking out. He was half the size of Gillies. Crazy people.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, May 12, 2014

Of Drunks and Corduroy Happiness

SO, interesting thing happened Saturday night. Gillies and I were biking home past a couple of bars, and we got stopped by a gaggle of drunk women, mid- to late thirties. They took an unholy amount of "selfies" with us before they let us go. They even asked Gillies to take his clothes off because he looks like Channing Tatum.

I found out I won't be able to email consistently. The overprotective idiotic and ignorant family history center biddies have banished missionaries. Coupled with not having an iPad, I will be limited. Apparently someone left the door unlocked. As if there is anything worth stealing in there. So many criminals are stealing twelve year old, barely functioning computers these days. And large, unwieldy tomes on the inhabitants of Oxfordshire from 1800 to 1850. They especially fight through two locked doors to get the one door that is unlocked. Because the five dollars they could sell the computer and the books for is worth it. I guess I will have to find a public library or something.

I found a corduroy hackey sack at Zumiez today. Never been in that store before, probably never will again. What I could see through the variety of skateboard decks implied a weed smoking, laid back, irresponsible lifestyle. Cool hackey sack though. I will be practicing for the next eleven months, so hopefully I will get pretty good.

A few other missionaries and I get to sing at zone conference on Thursday. It is the song "Hallelujah", but with Jesus lyrics. I am pretty sure someone is recording it, so you will get to see it.

We baptized Breezin Brick on Saturday. It was a great service. I will send pictures. She is an eleven year old girl. The only reason she wasn't baptized before was because her Dad hates Mormonism. But, her Mom has eighty percent custody, so too bad for him.

Elder Keenan Hyde and Elder Gillies - New Haircuts (Katrina Brooks)

- Elder Hyde

Monday, May 5, 2014

Pompadours for Jesus

There was a car show/rib cook off in downtown Marysville this week. Gillies and I went, and a member bought us a lot of food. I am here pictured with a '57 Bel Air Wagon, which is my new favorite car.

You will also notice, I got a somewhat less-conservative pompadour than last time. In fact, all four of us in Marysville Ward got one. (Mine looks the best.) We got them at this place called "Upper Cuts," which is basically the most gangster hair cut place in the world. The have a pool table and big TV's and speakers, they all have tatoos and piercings. They are good at what they do though.

A few weeks ago, some random guy pulled up to us and took a picture of me, then drove off. I finally figured out why this week. There is a kid in our ward named Dallin, and his friends asked him if he knew a kid named Tyler. "He rides around Marysville a lot on a bike. Like, almost everyday." Apparently some girls from Yuba High wanted to know about him. So Dallin's friend took a picture and showed him, asking if he knew "Tyler." Turns out, I'm "Tyler." No idea where they got the name from. Very strange. But funny.

The other missionaries in the ward challenged some high school kids to a game of basketball, which, if they won, would require the kids to go to church. But the Elders lost. I am pretty sure that the kids were praying to win, which is kind of ironic. 

We are moving apartments in a week or so. Same complex, different apartment. So my address will be the same, except we will be in apartment #72 after May 10th. So any mail to arrive that day or later should have apartment #72 on it. We are moving because our current apartment has been lived in by missionaries for six years now, and is basically trashed. I'm just hoping it doesn't get condemned when we move out. 

Crazy hobo story: We were sitting at the park and this guy comes up to us. Sounds like the beginning of a bad joke, and it really is. He asks what time it is, and we tell him. "Good, good. I still have time." He looked around shiftily. "I'm on my way to becoming famous. Really famous. World famous."

"Oh yeah?"

"Yeah. See, I'm a musical genius. You ever heard of Foreigner?"


"I'm better. Especially on the vocals."

"Uh, cool deal man."

"Yeah, I'm just on my way to Redding to meet up with the rest of the band. Gonna catch a Greyhound."

"Cool. Good luck."

He started walking away in the haphazard manner of a mad man. But then he looked back.

"But wait! I am also a military genius! They're looking at promoting me to Captain of the American Navy soon. Probably the smartest guy in the world. I'm a musical genius, and a military genius, and a business genius, and and top of all of that I AM A PROPHET OF THE MOST HIGH!!"

"Um, okay. Cool."


Very interesting things here in Marysville. 

- Elder Hyde