Monday, April 28, 2014

The Guardian Angel of Marysville

This angel sits in the upstairs window of a store on "D" street. D Street used to be the main street, because it ended with a dock into the Yuba River where all the Gold Rush people came through. Now half the lots are abandoned. 

It has been another exciting week in Marysville. Elder Gillies continues to have bike trouble, he has been on his bike only a couple weeks out of the whole time he has been here. This week it is flat tubes that won't patch. 

Almost all of our appointments fell through this week.

The heat is starting to pick up. It is weird having come full circle with the seasons in California.

We went to a place called the Mary Aron Museum. It is one of the oldest houses in Marysville. It was built by an architect to be a model home for people looking to move into the city. They had a lot of old stuff from the original town, and I discovered a man by the name of Hyde was among the original pioneers of Marysville.

There was a Stake service project to clean up Ellis Lake on Saturday. It was much needed, as the ducklings were swimming around in little piles of trash. We trimmed all the trees and got the trash out of the water, as well as weeding and edging and all of that kind of stuff. It was fun. Gillies and Clayburn found a pink scooter buried under a bush and were playing around with it. 

One of our less active members came to us and told us that she hasn't quit smoking or drinking coffee. It is sad, but exciting because we get to help her out now. 

As usual, we dealt a lot with the homeless. There is one in particular, Brian, who is a Less Active that we have been trying to get back to church. Were supposed to pick him up Sunday, but he wasn't there. We haven't seen him since. 

Being out for more than year is weird. Everyday that passes seems to speed up the time.

- Elder Hyde

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