Monday, April 14, 2014

Of Broken Legs and Cosby Chicken

This week has been interesting, sad, and happy.

The weather has been picking up heat. It has been eighty degrees some days. Our local baseball team, the Gold Sox, is starting practice and the first game is the end of the month.
We met a homeless guy in a wheelchair with two broken legs. We asked him how he got them, and he said that he jumped off the second story of a walnut factory. He said it was dark so he couldn't tell what story he was on. He then asked us to wheel him over to a group of people. "Are they your friends?" we asked. "No, but they look cool." So we wheeled him over to a group of random strangers, one of them threatened to run us over, and we ran. So some guys saw a couple of missionaries ditch a crippled homeless person in their midst.

We have been working on a list of people that we are not sure are still in the ward. Most of them aren't, but we found one lady who is. She doesn't come to church anymore because of something someone did to her daughter. Her best friend's husband, who is also a member, had an affair with his secretary. We are thinking of sending her the talk "Come Join With Us." (PRESIDENT DIETER F. UCHTDORF, OCTOBER 2013)

Also this week we had dinner with the Brooks family. They are the Cosby family mixed with Malcolm in the Middle in the best possible way. They are some of the best members this ward has. She cooked us amazing fried chicken. I was waiting for that dinner for a whole month. (edit from home front: fried chicken, homemade mac 'n' cheese, cole slaw, sweet cornbread, homemade peach cobbler - according to Katrina Brooks)

Photos below from Katrina Brooks
Elders Larsen, Clayburn, Gillies and Hyde

Elders Gillies, Clayburn, Hyde and Larsen

Elders Hyde, Elder Clayburn, Elder Larsen, Elder Gillies

Transfers came last night and there has been no changes. I get to stay in Marysville for six more weeks!

We were out tracting out in District Ten a couple days ago and almost got attacked by a dog. It wasn't messing around either. It was sprinting towards us with its teeth bared and everything.

- Elder Hyde

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