Monday, April 28, 2014

The Guardian Angel of Marysville

This angel sits in the upstairs window of a store on "D" street. D Street used to be the main street, because it ended with a dock into the Yuba River where all the Gold Rush people came through. Now half the lots are abandoned. 

It has been another exciting week in Marysville. Elder Gillies continues to have bike trouble, he has been on his bike only a couple weeks out of the whole time he has been here. This week it is flat tubes that won't patch. 

Almost all of our appointments fell through this week.

The heat is starting to pick up. It is weird having come full circle with the seasons in California.

We went to a place called the Mary Aron Museum. It is one of the oldest houses in Marysville. It was built by an architect to be a model home for people looking to move into the city. They had a lot of old stuff from the original town, and I discovered a man by the name of Hyde was among the original pioneers of Marysville.

There was a Stake service project to clean up Ellis Lake on Saturday. It was much needed, as the ducklings were swimming around in little piles of trash. We trimmed all the trees and got the trash out of the water, as well as weeding and edging and all of that kind of stuff. It was fun. Gillies and Clayburn found a pink scooter buried under a bush and were playing around with it. 

One of our less active members came to us and told us that she hasn't quit smoking or drinking coffee. It is sad, but exciting because we get to help her out now. 

As usual, we dealt a lot with the homeless. There is one in particular, Brian, who is a Less Active that we have been trying to get back to church. Were supposed to pick him up Sunday, but he wasn't there. We haven't seen him since. 

Being out for more than year is weird. Everyday that passes seems to speed up the time.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, April 21, 2014

Mean Streets of Marysville or Ducks and Geese Better Scurry

My iPad got stolen this week. We were tracting on "A" Street in Marysville, which is probably the worst street in the city, and we left our bags unattended for a minute or two to go the bathroom, and when we came back it was gone. Pretty annoying, but not the end of the world.

Our recent convert Zach King went out with us on Thursday. It was Spring Break, so he could stay with us all day. I feel bad, because it was really a terrible day. We didn't get a lot of work done because nobody was home. 

Breezin, our ten year old investigator, is scheduled to be baptized. We are seeking her father's permission. We talked to him for about an hour on the phone this week, and he said no. He is a born again Christian who has a lot of doctrinal issues with the Church, but he isn't a basher. He was very respectful of our beliefs, and very clear about his own. We are hoping to meet with him in person to see if we can change his mind.

In better news, Tom from the ward kidnapped us and took us to Yuba City. His eleven year old daughter has been waiting for permission from her Catholic mother to get baptized. She finally gave in. We wrote a permission slip in the car on the way over. She signed it, but didn't seem very happy at all. But, we got permission so she can get baptized. 

We were lucky enough to have our new investigator Shirley come to Sacrament Meeting this week. She even brought her mom. She still has agoraphobia issues from being in prison, so she only stayed for the first meeting, but we will get her eventually. 

There are so many homeless people here. The river bottoms have whole villages, not just the one we found. It is interesting to see their different excuses. Some are just nuts, but that's to be expected. Others blame Obama for not being able to get a job instead of their heroin addiction. Others have legitimately fallen on hard times and are clawing their way out of it. Take for instance Bryan. He is a less-active friend of ours we see at Ellis Lake almost everyday. He has been homeless seven years. We have been trying to get him to come back to church for a few weeks now. He has picked up some bad habits, mostly drinking. We are trying to get in contact with his parents and siblings, but it has been hard. 

There are a lot of baby ducks and geese at the lake now. 

All in all, this week was pretty okay.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, April 14, 2014

Of Broken Legs and Cosby Chicken

This week has been interesting, sad, and happy.

The weather has been picking up heat. It has been eighty degrees some days. Our local baseball team, the Gold Sox, is starting practice and the first game is the end of the month.
We met a homeless guy in a wheelchair with two broken legs. We asked him how he got them, and he said that he jumped off the second story of a walnut factory. He said it was dark so he couldn't tell what story he was on. He then asked us to wheel him over to a group of people. "Are they your friends?" we asked. "No, but they look cool." So we wheeled him over to a group of random strangers, one of them threatened to run us over, and we ran. So some guys saw a couple of missionaries ditch a crippled homeless person in their midst.

We have been working on a list of people that we are not sure are still in the ward. Most of them aren't, but we found one lady who is. She doesn't come to church anymore because of something someone did to her daughter. Her best friend's husband, who is also a member, had an affair with his secretary. We are thinking of sending her the talk "Come Join With Us." (PRESIDENT DIETER F. UCHTDORF, OCTOBER 2013)

Also this week we had dinner with the Brooks family. They are the Cosby family mixed with Malcolm in the Middle in the best possible way. They are some of the best members this ward has. She cooked us amazing fried chicken. I was waiting for that dinner for a whole month. (edit from home front: fried chicken, homemade mac 'n' cheese, cole slaw, sweet cornbread, homemade peach cobbler - according to Katrina Brooks)

Photos below from Katrina Brooks
Elders Larsen, Clayburn, Gillies and Hyde

Elders Gillies, Clayburn, Hyde and Larsen

Elders Hyde, Elder Clayburn, Elder Larsen, Elder Gillies

Transfers came last night and there has been no changes. I get to stay in Marysville for six more weeks!

We were out tracting out in District Ten a couple days ago and almost got attacked by a dog. It wasn't messing around either. It was sprinting towards us with its teeth bared and everything.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, April 7, 2014

A Bike by Any Other Name Would Look as Sick

Conference was great, wasn't it? I feel we should expect a wave of
persecution. At least hat is the vibe I got from all the talks this
time. I have never had mashed potatoes thrown at me, but I have had an
apple core. Luckily, nobody understands the physics of a moving car,
so they always miss.

In between sessions, Gillies and I painted our bikes. We did our tires
white, his rims blue and mine red. They are exceptionally sweet.
People notice us more now.

We lost our dinner calendar, so we have been eating with random
members of the ward. Luckily people like us. If this had happened a
few missionaries ago, they may not have been fed.

There is a street we went down last night. A street. It is definitely
on the wrong side of the tracks. In fact, it is the only street on
that side of the tracks. Abandoned houses, screaming unwashed
children, a bunch of gangsters, really loud Mexican rap from lowered
trucks, the whole deal. We have a less-active that lives there we are
going to start meeting with.

We moved a couple of people this week. One was particularly
unpleasant. Us and the high priests moved a family out of their
apartment. The apartment smelled like rotten food. They invited their
friends over, presumably to watch because that's all they did. So we
moved a dirty, stinking apartment while being watched by a bunch of
obese, smelly, smoking people who have obviously spent to much time in
Portland. They somehow masterfully combine hipster chic with white
trash lifestyle. And don't even get me started on the massive
collection of movie themed swords.

We met this guy who fishes in Ellis Lake every day. They caught a
piranha the other day that someone let go. There are some fish in
there that are twenty pounds. I think the only reason they get so big
is because everybody is afraid to eat them. That lake is gross.

Quote of the week: "The only time I ever felt true love was looking
over my parents grave. That love is eternal."

- Elder Hyde

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Painting Rims … and Tires

This is a post from the home front.  We got a text from Sister Knudsen with photos of Elder Hyde and Elder Gillies painting their bicycle rims between conference sessions.

They also painted the tires white. 

Hopefully we will get a photo of the reassembled bikes in all their glory.