Monday, March 17, 2014

The Kingdom of Forgotten Souls

This week, while Elder Gillies and I were exploring, we came across something very interesting.
What you see is a satellite view of the Kingdom of Forgotten Souls. There are around 40 shacks and garbage castles in this area. It is eerily silent. We were looking for a shortcut, but instead we found a whole village of homeless. There are a few less actives there, and a lot of interested people. 

All those little blue areas are tarp houses, and there are a lot of shacks that you can't see in this picture. Some are really nice, and some are just piles of garbage. 

I hit a year this week. A year! We are going to a sweet little chinese place this week. It is called Szechwan Chinese in China Town in Marysville. We have gone there before, and they are awesome. 
It is totally family run. And all the food is handmade, none of this Sysco freezer food.

We also almost got jumped by a gang this week. It's a good thing they were posers and we were going twenty miles an hour on our bikes. Some fat mexican kid with a ponytail down to his butt ran towards me yelling "Triple C **** **** ******* **** **** *** *** **!" But since I was going twenty miles an hour, he didn't get close. He did punch Gillies in the arm though. Triple C is a super Ghetto apartment complex in Linda. Bunch of tards. 

Elder Gillies and Elder Clayburn (meatheads) went on exchanges together this week. Quite an adventure they had. Illegally "rescued" 7 baby ducks and a cat. The cat won't leave our apartment alone now. 

We also found some sweet graffiti under the bridge to Yuba City.
Pretty sweet, huh?

The one super awesome investigator from last week didn't show up to his lesson. So hopefully we can still get a hold of him.

- Elder Hyde

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