Monday, March 24, 2014

Night of the Living Geese

This was a very eventful week. We picked up several new investigators,
most of which have houses and aren't addicted to drugs.

Speaking of drugs, Elder Gillies and I got a little bit stoned this
week. We were teaching a couple black dudes on the street, when one of
them pulled out a blunt (a cigarillo with weed inside) and started
smoking up a storm. They wouldn't let us leave immediately, so when we
got home we just felt really chill, and pretty much don't remember the
hour after that.

I got a speedometer for my bike this week. We average about 15 miles a
day, and 9 mph. Pretty cool.

The Linda side of the ward had a baptism this week. Dustin. His wife
Monique is trying to get back into church.

We were able to give a blessing to a lady in the hospital this week.
She is an older member of the ward. She was traveling in Utah when she
picked up a cough. When she got back here, she went to the doctor and
found out her left lung was three quarters full of fluid. Hopefully
she will be okay.

We almost got attacked by geese is week. There is a lake in the centre
of Marysville called Ellis Lake. There resides a myriad of waterfowl.
They are so used to people that they are not afraid of anything. So
when we are riding our bikes 15 miles an hour around the lake, and a
goose is just sitting in the middle, it won't move. At all. You have
to run up to it and hiss at it to get it to leave. Then we made the
mistake of feeding them. Literally every goose in the entire lake
showed up, then tried to attack to get the food.

I would attach pictures, but I am emailing from the iPad.

There is this guy that lives across from the other missionaries. His
name is Shaun Johnson. Unfortunately, he is not as nice to look at as
the Olympic gymnast, but he makes up for it in charisma and drug
abuse. He is very entertaining and he likes us. Too bad there are a
lot of prostitutes and drug deals in that complex, otherwise we would
hang out there more.

The missionaries from Linda made the front page of the Appeal-Democrat
yesterday. They just happened to be biking by the construction site
they were doing a piece on.

In other news, a couple of high school kids got hit by a train a few
nights ago. It was the sadie Hawkins dance and they were taking the
short cut to the dollar store from he high school. I'm sure you can
find more online.

Quote of the week: When life gives you lemons, don't make lemonade!
Make life take the lemons back! Demand to see Life's manager! I don't
want your lemons! Do you know who I am? I'm the guy who's gonna burn
your house down! With the lemons!"

- Elder Hyde

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