Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fed by a Portly Angel Wizard Chef

This week was a busy and exciting one. We had a lot of investigators
ditch us this week. The lessons that did come through were very good

We got the new 2013 editions of the Book of Mormon this week as well.
Our proselyting materials are now fully up to date. They are pretty

Our dinner last night was the most fantastic repast that I have ever
imagined in my feverish dreams. Words cannot describe the experience
that was dinner with the Sorensons. Bro. Sorenson wanted to be a
professional chef when life took him in another direction. We had
rosemary roasted chicken and all sorts of other spices I have never
heard of. Things like orange honey carrots, ginger something, Brussels
sprouts roasted in the juices of unicorn laughs, and mashed potatoes
that were milked from the clouds of a heavenly tuber bovine.

But that isn't the last of it. He invented, INVENTED, two desserts
yesterday morning. The best banana cream pie this universe has known
and a chocolate pie he twisted out of another, more delicious

In short, Bro. Sorenson is an angel. He is a wizard. He commands the
elements of food like the Egyptian god of nourishment.

In other news, I found a copy of A Marvelous Work and a Wonder for a
buck at a random thrift store. Interesting things you can find around

Elder Gillies slammed his thumb in his weight machine. It turned blue
immediately. He couldn't use it for two days. We are anxiously
awaiting the death and dismissal of his nail.

The Sister that we gave a blessing to has cancer. A tumor on the side
of her lung made a hole, and that's where the fluid came from. She was
actually happy, because now it gives the ward and the missionaries to
go over to her house and talk to her less-active husband. She is

We are beginning to meet with a less-active family whose daughter
recently attempted suicide. They are in a hard place. We have a lot of
good we can do. They have two enormous dogs and a border collie.

We also discovered this week that elder Berry, Mitchell, Gillies and I
sound great together when we sing. Awesome, in fact. We are going to
start a boy band. We haven't come up with a name yet, but we are
leaning towards "The Other Direction."

I got a haircut his week. A conservative pompadour. I like it a lot. The guy at Hairway to Heaven does missionaries for free.  He used to be in construction and then decided to switch to hair styling.  Interesting guy.

Also last night, we had a stake fireside/church tour for recent
converts and investigators. The fireside was very spiritual. Bro.
Johnson from our ward, who also is in the stake Presidency, gave an
amazing talk about how God is in the details of our lives. A lady he
helped through a divorce moved to he other side of the country. Then
his inactive sister in law moved to the same ward. The First Lady
became the visiting teacher of his sister in law. She walked into a
church building for the first time in twenty years for the women's
meeting. Cool stuff.

Marysville is awesome.

- Elder Hyde

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