Monday, March 10, 2014

Ben Stein Confessional

We reactivated an investigator this week. He was an investigator a year or more ago. We went to house, and it seemed like no one was home, but we waited around anyway. The actual front door was open, but the security gate was closed and locked. We call those confession doors, because you can't see anybody past them.

He came to the door, and didn't open the confession door. We started talking, and he sounds exactly like Ben Stein. Very educated, very monotone, and from what I could tell, has the same glasses. So we may actually be teaching Ben Stein this next week.

He talked a lot to us about theology. He has read the Book of Mormon already, as well as the Bible and the Koran. He is earnestly seeking for truth. Something that he said gives me hope: "Jesus said that false prophets would come, but he didn't say that all the prophets would be false. That implies to me that there should be true prophets somewhere."

This guy is ready.

Elder Gillies (Pronounced Gill-iss) is, well, a meathead. In a good way though. For those of you in my ward, he is a lot like Austin Miller. For those of you who don't know who that is, Elder Gillies is a friendly, gregarious, giant hunk of man meat. He likes to sing all the time, and with our bass voices, it actually sounds pretty good. He is also a drummer, so we may accidentally vibrate our apartment to the ground.

This week we went down Marysville Main Street. I had no idea this place was so cool. There is a book store, an art museum, a music store, several antique shops, a couple of gift shops, etc. All of them are run by interesting characters. The art museum lady is an unkempt, very liberal, odd duck. She really likes abstract art and she talks really loud. Her old yellow lab is allowed to roam freely.

The music store guy is a lot like an Italian mobster from the forties. I wouldn't be surprised if we was laundering money and smuggling it out through guitars. Real classy guy.

The book store lady is very involved in Marysville. She runs the whole bookstore by herself, and thus is very overworked. She loves her job though.

This week I want to go by the Chinese temple and see what that is like. 

Marysville is ripe already to harvest.

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