Monday, March 3, 2014

Alligator Jerky and the Son of Kronk

I was on exchanges in Loma Rica and I found this beautiful little package:

It tastes really good. It's like fish and pig at the same time. 

We got transfer calls. Elder Paquette is leaving me. The golden reign of intellectual missionary work is over. 

Luckily, my new companion is a hard worker, from what I hear. His name is Elder Gillies. He was trained by an Elder Sampson, who has lovingly been referred to as Kronk (Kronk is a character from Disney's The Emperor's New Groove), as he is basically indistinguishable. Hopefully he hasn't absorbed all of those traits.
Elder Kronk

I talked to Elder Gillies on the phone last night, and he sounds like a giant Polynesian who could crush and then consume troublesome investigators.  Turns out he is a big white guy who could accomplish the same. 

Most of our investigators cancelled their appointments this week, so it's been a little slow. 

I am currently drinking a soda called Joia Blackberry Pomegranate and Ginger. It tastes like a succulent flower from a jungle country wrapped in a rainbow of dark fruits. Rather pleasant.

It's been raining again. Which is a good thing I guess. This place needs rain. Just makes it really annoying to be outside all day. 

Have a good week!

- Elder Hyde

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