Monday, February 3, 2014

Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly, Blackbird Fly

Marysville is my favorite place so far. I truly love it here.

There is a lot of crime and homeless people, and this city was hit hard by the recession. The city is doing it's best to recover, but the drugs aren't helping. 

In the evening, black birds descend upon Yuba and Marysville. It's pretty cool. Very macabre.

We had a baptism this weekend for Zack King. He has been going to church for years now, but his Dad has never let him get baptized. But he changed his mind. 

For some reason I can't get the camera to connect to the computer. Sorry. The pictures of the baptism are on Facebook.

We still haven't gotten rain. The air and clouds and pressure seems like we should, but we haven't. 

We are teaching a girl named Brandie now, she has a very similar situation to Zack. We are planning on getting her baptized in June.

We are also teaching a girl named Breezy, who has the same situation as the other two. Seems to be a common theme in Marysville. 

We do quite a bit of less active work as well. There is one in particular, Aaron, whose wife is preventing him. He posts a lot of stuff on Facebook and stuff about Mormonism. He is awesome.

The district here is amazing. There are only three companionships, all Elders. Elder Thomas, Rosalez, Larsen, Christiansen, Paquette and me. They are tight. 

This is the happiest I have ever been in my life. 

- Elder Hyde

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