Monday, February 24, 2014

Derpy Pictures and Such

 This is a picture of me. Elder Christiansen and Elder Kidd are behind me.

I was on exchanges with Christiansen this week, and we took a "shortcut" that ended up being nearly four times as long as the normal way. BUT, we did find this really cool oasis in the middle of Marysville. If you can get past all the homeless camps, it's a beautiful place.
This week we were working on getting all of our Part Member Families contacted. We contacted a few of them, only one of which was grumpy. Other than that, this week has been normal.

A Less-Active gave me a few old Mormon books, one of which is "Temples of the Most High," an amazing book on temples. She also gave me "Moses," "Abraham," and "Adam," by Mark E. Petersen, in addition to a pamphlet on Brigham Young and his Wives. It's a rather substantial pamphlet.

Transfers are next Sunday. It will be interesting to see what happens.

Zone Conference was this week, and it was in the Gridley building! I got to see my last district. It was good fun.

President talked to us about faith and obedience, which is basically the gist of all Zone Conferences. Elder M. Russel Ballard has told us that our mission has to double our numbers from last year. This mission is looked at by the GA's more than other missions, because of how good we are. President wants us to have a goal to baptize weekly. Tough stuff.

I hope you all have a good week.

-Elder Hyde

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