Monday, December 2, 2013

The Misadventures of a Misanthropic Missionary

This week, we received the news that we are one of 30 pilot missions for.....


Exciting news. 

We get them the week of Dec. 17th. :) More news as it develops.

I was sick this week, and I still am. Flu-like symptoms, minus the vomiting, praise Allah. 

We are working on picking up a family of at least 5, the Fenns. They are already friends with some active members. Prayers that we could pick them up would be appreciated.

We also have another potential investigator named Ka Yang. She is Hmong, but speaks good English, so we should be able to keep her if we pick her up.

My companion is the trunkiest sonuvagun this side of the Mississippi. He has a mere 7 days left. Then I enter the grand unknown of a new companion. 

Elder Call also goes home next week, so I will be companions with Elder Tepox for a day or two. Should be fun, since he still doesn't speak great English.

I am still attempting to find a member with a good internet connection and Skype, so that I can call on Christmas. 

- Elder Hyde

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