Monday, December 16, 2013

My Old Friend the Blues

Elder Snyder and Elder Champagne
We have two new Elders in the District. On the left is Elder Snyder, and on the Right is Elder Champagne. Elder Champagne is my new companion.

Elder Champagne is great. He is cleaner than Boyer, quieter than Boyer and all around more mellow than Boyer. He is from Mobile, Alabama, but originally from Louisiana. He doesn't have an accent though. 

We helped a less-active chop a tree down this week, and I am still sore. It was a lot of fun though. 

Having to carry the weight of the area this week got to me. I am feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed at the same time. 

We had Zone Meeting this week, which I enjoy.

Living in farmland is beginning to change my perspective on life (now if I see more than one car within a space of five minutes, I think the road is too busy. My definition of "loud" has changed).

We get our iPads this week, Wednesday I believe. Exciting stuff.

We joined the youth this week in caroling to the widows of the ward.  It was a great experience.

Our heater broke again this week. so the heater guy is coming buy again.

There are some specific people that you should pray for, if you are interested. 

Prayer Roll

Elizabeth May: She needs to understand authority, the Book of Mormon, and needs to continue progressing.

Daisy Fenn: She needs to have the desire to meet with us on a regular basis, and feel the need to change in her life.

Dick Stewart: He needs to understand that part of living the gospel is coming to church and taking the sacrament.

Lane Coey: He needs help overcoming addictions and returning to activity.

Those are the main people we are working with. 

The frost has set in. So it's cold now. 

Elder Hyde

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