Monday, October 7, 2013


Conference was amazing. It's like the twice yearly Super Bowl for missionaries. I especially like Elder Hollands talk. It was exactly what I needed this weekend.

Boyer has been sick this whole week, so we didn't get as much done as we normally do. We were able to visit an extremely less-active lady. She is very sick and has to go to the hospital on a weekly basis for injections of some kind. Some of her sickness could go away if her house had been cleaned at least once in the past 15 years. She was nice. She was watching "Cool Runnings" the whole time we were over there though.

Keenan and Charley
There are some good sized frogs out here. They come out at night, and they are getting slower because of the cold. This is Charley. I kept it overnight just for fun and released it back into the irrigation ditches. 

It beginning to get a lot colder. Life is good.

- Elder Hyde

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