Monday, September 2, 2013

Yay for missionary work!

This week we have been working towards getting an eternigator baptized. His name is Donnie. He is half Dutch/South African and half American. His accent sounds fake, as all South African accents do. He is very knowledgeable about scriptures, Jewish history, word roots, etc. but he isn't as spiritual as he needs to be. He has been watching the RM, the Singles Ward, etc. to teach himself about Mormon Culture. He asks odd questions.

We have also been trying to get a hold of a former investigator, but all the houses on the lot look abandoned. Turns out, they just live in a house that looks abandoned. More on this as it develops. 

Bugs are a lot bigger here. Spiders are at least twice if not three times the size as the ones in Utah. I keep trying to get pictures, but they hide a lot. Flies and Bees are also much larger. There are all sorts of animals out here I have never come in contact with. Like gophers. 

We met a family this week tracting. He offered us dove offal fried in garlic butter. How could we say no? Gizzard and heart taste surprisingly good. We are eating dinner with them tomorrow, and they said they would feed us moose. Should be exciting. 

We had dinner with a family this week, the Parkers, and the whole time the spirit was telling me that they are among the noble and great ones, and that I should listen closely. I learned a lot from them. Earlier that week, we met Sister Parkers mother who is from Germany. I was able to talk to her about family history, and about how her conversion story was similar to the conversion of my ancestors. Very stubborn Germans need intense spiritual experiences to convert. 

The Parkers have traveled extensively, and they said the best place on earth is Jerusalem. They are both converts and have also had intense spiritual experiences. They are my favorite family in the ward, which is unfortunate as they are moving to Tahoe in the next few weeks. 

There is a prank culture among the Elders here. Luckily, there are only tame pranks, mostly just spreading out peoples pamphlets and cards. It is fun.

With love,

- Elder Hyde

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