Monday, September 16, 2013

Transfers and Amonds

Hello all,

Transfer calls were last night, and our district was not effected at all. Very strange. 

We had dinner last night with the Goodman family. He is actually called to be in the Spanish Branch, so we don't see them as much. He is a farmer for a living. He grows Amonds. I say Amonds instead of Almonds because that is how they say it out here. They say they shake the "L" out of them. 

We found a family this week that has a lot of potential. They are very musically inclined. We walked in and they have a drum set in their front room. I was able to show off a little bit, and they like me more now. I also tuned it up a little so it sounds better. They appreciated that.

I discovered this week that my Blog has an international audience. So if you are reading this in a foreign country, thank you! I also have no idea why you would want to follow the boring exploits of an average Mormon Missionary.

Almond and Kiwi harvest is soon, so we will be eating a lot of those. I am really looking forward to pomegranate season. They say they get ripe sometime between Halloween and Thanksgiving. That will be awesome.

I gave a talk in church this Sunday on the importance of members in missionary work. I mentioned how no one knows where Saratoga Springs or Gridley is, and for the rest of the day nearly everyone came up to me and told me that they knew where Saratoga Springs was because of Mia Love, and Gridley is famous among Mormons. I have never heard of Gridley, and I don't know any other Mormons who know where Gridley is. Apparently, David O. McKay and every prophet since has been to Gridley. 

We spent a lot of time in Live Oak this week, and went near the Buttes. The Sutter Buttes are supposedly the smallest mountain range in the world. I don't know about that. They are pretty small though.

I think that's everything for this week.

- Elder Hyde
Sutter Butte Photo from California State Parks Website
Almond Trees in Bloom  near Sutter Butte

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