Monday, September 30, 2013

JESUS SAVES! Seek him!

We saw a house with that painted on a giant sign in front. We decided to knock and talk to the guy. He is a Seventh-Day Adventist, and is now a new investigator. He says he talked with missionaries for a year and half a while back. Unfortunately, those missionaries never read the Book of Mormon with him, and in fact almost converted to Adventistism.

Good things are in store with him.

We were helping a less-active member clean out his house. It is one of those storage houses that people have around here. Anyway, I found a little purple harmonica and he gave it to me. So I am becoming a harmonica pro in my spare time. 

It is becoming fall here. Leaves are changing colors, and there is a chill in the morning. Suit coat season is soon. 

We helped several people gather walnuts this week. My hands are stained from taking the green shell off. 

I went on exchanges with Elder Tepox this week in his area. I obviously don't speak Spanish, so it was an interesting day. An investigator gave us tunas. This is cactus fruit. It was really good, even though I got a lot of little needles in my hand. 

Spanish also got a hold of some Ghost Peppers. Evidently, the spice isn't in the mouth, it just turns your rear end into a military grade flame-thrower. I am glad I didn't eat one.

I think that's everything for this week. Thanks for reading!

- Elder Hyde

More Photos (posted by family at home):
This is our whole zone. You can probably read all of the name badges. If not, you probably don't even care who they are anyway.

this is some weird Filipino fruit some members gave us. It isn't very good. A lot like coagulated blood actually.
The fruit is probably a kamias, however that one looks a bit odd.

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