Monday, September 23, 2013

Gridley: The Potpourrific Grab Bag of FUN!

When we received the phone call, the fog was thick. I was beginning to wonder about the safety of our work, especially given the driving skills of Agent Boyer.

The voice that broke the silence was high, youthful. It was Sister Moulton. "60 year old lady. She lives on Luther, In Live Oak."

The line went dead. 

"That's the most obscure referral I have ever received," said Agent Boyer. 

"Well, might as well go check it out. It's not like we have anything better to do," I replied. 

So there we were, tracting a long, poorly lit street in the rain. Our black raincoats kept the worst of it out, but the experience was still far from pleasant. 

We passed several abandoned houses. Those that were still lived in were filled with old people or rednecks. None of them knew a thing about the lady we were looking for. 

We came to a house with a long gravel driveway. Mangy, unkempt dogs barked incessantly as we approached the door. 

But wait! Out in the field, a handsome Mexican motioned us over. As we got closer, he saw our badges, and instantly relaxed.

"I thought you guys were the cops," he said, letting out his breath.

We questioned him about our mystery woman, who may or may not be interested in hearing The Message. He said it sounded like Marsh, a lady who lives down the street. 

As we left, we weighed our options. Even if this was the lady, it doesn't look good when two men dressed in black knock on the door when it's nearly dark outside. We called it a day and walked the dreary road back to the car. 


Other exciting things that happened this week:

- Spanish got more peppers for us to try. I politely declined. 
- We discovered both of the new sisters in the district are terrible at soccer.
- Still no new investigators. 
- Heavy rainfall on Saturday helped us pretend to be FBI agents in the ghetto of Live Oak.
- I discovered the wonders of Jarritos Mexican Cola.
- I am studying the Old Testament. It is sweet.

Well, all of this drama has pretty much exhausted me. Have a good week!

- Elder Hyde

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