Monday, August 19, 2013

Worst P-Days Ever.

Our day so far:

Forcefully woken up at 5:45 today by the Spanish Elders, because apparently we are playing soccer today. I didn't get to sleep until 1 this morning because of insomnia. Thus, I was awoken in the middle of a sleep cycle, and it took me several hours to wake up.

On the way back, Elder Tepox flew off his (Elder Boyers) bike. He probably broke his arm. They are currently at the hospital.

The reason Spanish is borrowing our bikes is because their car key broke at our house. So we have two mission cars in the driveway.

Today is Gridley 1st turn with the car, so Elder Boyer and I are mooching off of others to get around today.

Then I go to email, and find out some old lady almost killed my Dad and some genius MLMer doesn't know what he is doing.

This is about par for the course as far as PDays have been.

Mostly I am just trying to stay positive, although this week has been one of the worst of my life.

Life goes on, I suppose.

Love you all!

- Elder Hyde

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