Monday, August 12, 2013

Gridley, CA


I have been called to serve in the Liberty 1st Ward in Gridley CA. Dad would be allergic to this whole town. The main occupation here is growing walnuts. There are acres and acres of orchards up here. Walnuts, peaches, persimmons, and lots of other stuff. It is cool.

We are in a shared car area, and Gridley is very flat, so I will have to watch my weight more closely.

My new companion is Elder Boyer, and I haven't stopped laughing since I got here. He is one of the funniest guys I have ever met. He got in a bike accident a couple transfers ago and lost his front tooth. He has a spacer/retainer thing to replace it, but he likes taking it out to amuse small children.
There are 8 sisters in the Zone, quite a lot for the mission. We also have Spanish Elders and Sisters. We hang out with Elders Call and Tepox a lot. Tepox is from Puebla Mexico, and doesn't speak English yet. He knows some key phrases like "So Nasty!" "Shut up," and "I want to go to Casa Lupe." Casa Lupe is the Mexican restaurant around here.

We share the car with Elders Herrera and Bliss. They are good guys.

This place reminds me a lot of what I remember of Vernal. Small, close-knit farming community. The locals tell me Gridley was founded by 12 Mormon families. Most of their descendants are still around, which means the whole town is related to each other. Which could be a good thing, as long as I don't offend anyone.

 So far, I am enjoying myself here. It is a nice, quiet, temperate town. And I get lots of fresh peaches.

With love,

Elder Hyde

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