Monday, July 8, 2013

Mike Martin aka Wolf

We finally found a new investigator. His name is Mike Martin, but some call him Wolf. He was a navy seal, and has some pretty epic stories from the Colombian drug wars. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a few pamphlets, he read them all and came to church.

Oh, and he is homeless.

Mike Martin AKA Wolf
Elder Heninger, Worthington, Edwards and I were at the church for weekly planning, and we were going out for lunch when Mike approached us. He didn't ask for money or food, he just wanted to borrow a bike pump. We wanted to help fix up his bike, so we followed him. Turns out he is living by the creek behind the church. 

His bike was really messed up, so we decided we would take it to the bike shop and split the cost 4 ways. Luckily, the owner is LDS so he was more than willing to help us out, and he didn't even charge us.
It has only been three days and already it is easy to see the change in him. We borrowed some hair clippers from some members, and we are going to give him a haircut today.

Some members took us to this amazing place called Squeeze Inn. It was there I had the most fattening burger I have ever had in my life. The burger was sweet because they fry the cheese before they put it on. They also have this tradition there where you try to stick your toothpick in the ceiling. The whole restaurant ceiling is covered in the little flagged toothpicks.

It was finally warm enough for me this week. The hottest it got was 111, so not too bad. It didn't fall below 100 all week. It was nice.

This week was great. Hopefully we can find more people to teach.

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