Monday, July 15, 2013


I turned 19 this week, and every missionary was making fun of me for it. "You are finally old enough to be out here!" They say.

"When I am your age, I will be home," I say.

Then they shut up.

I got gorgeous packages from my family and Amanda. Full of goodies. I took a video of me opening the package from my family and things, so you will see it eventually.

Elder Edwards and Elder Worthington snuck into our apartment and decorated for my birthday. They also gave me an inflatable Salamander from the dollar store, representing the salamander letters. We have an investigator who won't read the Book of Mormon because of that.

I got a lot of sodas from family, most notably a rhubarb soda. I got a little dragon whose eyes bug out that I have named Archie. He has been getting a lot of use.

Amanda gave me a sweet tie, which, when combined with my glasses and overall knowledge of retro things, makes me look straight from 1966. At least according to my ward mission leader.

Mike has been doing well. The only issue we have is that his friends are mostly drug addicts. One of them showed up to the 3rd ward yesterday, and the bishop had to escort him out. So we need to talk to Mike about that.

We were able to teach some lessons in the sketch apartment across the street. They are some great characters over there. A lot of drug use, but a lot of nice people as well. I think we will see some good things come out of there.

I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve a mission.

- Elder Hyde

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