Monday, July 29, 2013

A Mini-Mission

This week we had the opportunity to have a mini-missionary with us; my second cousin no less. He had to remind me of that fact when we first met.

The first day with Matthew went pretty much down the tubes. He borrowed a bike from his friend that was a piece of junk. The pedal fell of twice, and the back tire was bent so that it ran along the brake the whole time. He also tore his shirt pretty bad on a gate. (Which was my fault, I guess. If you want to know more, just ask him.)

Luckily, we had an amazing dinner appointment that night to make up for it. We had dinner with the Gallegos, a recently married couple. He served a mission for three years, a year and a half in Sacramento, and 2 years in Provo, UT. He immigrated from Ecuador, so there were some visa issues.

The second day had many redeeming qualities. We got a lot of work done. We also ran into this guy who went into extreme detail about his previous and current sins. I would go into more detail, but I don't know who is reading this. Let's just say if I were to write a book about him, I would title it "The Vulgar and Vivid Tales of a Part-Time Rabbit Farmer."

The third day was pretty much average. I forgot to mention that the last two days went so well because we were able to use Matthew's truck. That made us a lot more efficient.
I will likely get transferred on Sunday, so any mail that will arrive on next Monday or later needs to be sent to the mission office, or I will likely never get it.

As I get ready to leave Rocklin, or at least I will within the next 6 weeks, I remember some good things about it.

I am extremely grateful to have served in the Rocklin 2nd ward, where the ward council is amazing, the members are so helpful, and everyone eagerly welcomes a homeless man into church.

I remember spending time with Payne chasing turkeys and squirrels. I remember the days when it broke 110 degrees, but I was so grateful to be out that it didn't matter. I remember running into crazy 'Christians' who hate everybody but themselves. I remember the great time I had on exchanges with so many great missionaries.

Rocklin was amazing, but I think I am ready for my next adventure.

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