Monday, July 29, 2013

A Mini-Mission

This week we had the opportunity to have a mini-missionary with us; my second cousin no less. He had to remind me of that fact when we first met.

The first day with Matthew went pretty much down the tubes. He borrowed a bike from his friend that was a piece of junk. The pedal fell of twice, and the back tire was bent so that it ran along the brake the whole time. He also tore his shirt pretty bad on a gate. (Which was my fault, I guess. If you want to know more, just ask him.)

Luckily, we had an amazing dinner appointment that night to make up for it. We had dinner with the Gallegos, a recently married couple. He served a mission for three years, a year and a half in Sacramento, and 2 years in Provo, UT. He immigrated from Ecuador, so there were some visa issues.

The second day had many redeeming qualities. We got a lot of work done. We also ran into this guy who went into extreme detail about his previous and current sins. I would go into more detail, but I don't know who is reading this. Let's just say if I were to write a book about him, I would title it "The Vulgar and Vivid Tales of a Part-Time Rabbit Farmer."

The third day was pretty much average. I forgot to mention that the last two days went so well because we were able to use Matthew's truck. That made us a lot more efficient.
I will likely get transferred on Sunday, so any mail that will arrive on next Monday or later needs to be sent to the mission office, or I will likely never get it.

As I get ready to leave Rocklin, or at least I will within the next 6 weeks, I remember some good things about it.

I am extremely grateful to have served in the Rocklin 2nd ward, where the ward council is amazing, the members are so helpful, and everyone eagerly welcomes a homeless man into church.

I remember spending time with Payne chasing turkeys and squirrels. I remember the days when it broke 110 degrees, but I was so grateful to be out that it didn't matter. I remember running into crazy 'Christians' who hate everybody but themselves. I remember the great time I had on exchanges with so many great missionaries.

Rocklin was amazing, but I think I am ready for my next adventure.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Investigators and The Incredible Hulk

The rhubarb soda was actually very good. You would like it a lot. Elder Heninger thought it was very good too. It's probably the fifth best soda I have had.

Mike is going along okay, he still has issues with drinking and smoking. He can't get baptized until he has a permanent address, so he is a long term project.

****** has issues with smoking, and he doesn't really want to take the lessons. He just wants to hang out.

**** is a less-active member. He was an active, temple-going member in Logan for a few years, but then he got a girlfriend and it was all downhill from there. He has 3 kids, and we almost have them coming to church. He just needs to stop being lazy and go.

**** was another less-active we ran into. He grew up in Payson UT, and stopped going to church when he joined the navy. He ended up homeless for a couple years, and this church in Roseville called Bridgeway helped him get back on his feet. He knows the Book of Mormon is true, but he feels obligated to Bridgeway. He hasn't smoked since we met him, so I think we can make a big difference for him.

********* is a weird guy that was in the area book. We set up an appointment, but he was a no-show.

We also have an investigator named *** that we are most likely going to drop this week. He has read way too much anti-mormon material. We answer his questions boldly and accurately, but he won't let go of certain things. He claims that 1 Nephi 1:3 proves the Book of Mormon isn't true, because Nephi says he wrote the book from his own knowledge. We explained that of course it was from his own knowledge because you can't write a book from somebody else's brain, and he was guided by the spirit, etc. We finally got him to pray about the Book of Mormon, but if he doesn't get an answer we will drop him.

The weather is beautiful. It's been hovering around a hundred all week. IT has been nice.

We get a mini-missionary tonight. He will stay with us for 3 days. This is a unique opportunity, one that will not likely be repeated. Heninger only knows of a few missionaries who have hosted a mini-missionary. I guess this means Michael could do that if Drew works it out.

My thighs got so big that I busted a seam on a pair of my pants. I am going to send an email to Missionary Mall.

I thank you all for you letters. I love you guys.

- Elder Hyde

Monday, July 15, 2013

Email to Family (redacted) July 15th, 2013

Thank you for the package. It has great stuff that I wanted in there.  

I will try to get letters off today for all of you guys.

A few days ago I got TWO flat tires, and so instead of patching them up I decided it would be better to get the slime tubes. I had already patched both tubes a couple times so it was time.

There are some sketch apartments across the street called Sunset Apartments. The cops just recently pulled out 2.2 kilos of heroine from the whole complex. We have several people there we are beginning to teach. Scotty, Levi, Paul, Jonathan and whoever else is outside. So if you could pray for them, that would be great.

Heninger and I are beginning to get along a little better. A lot of this is because of Elder Nalder, our zone leader. I was on exchanges with him a few days ago and we had a long talk. He helped me see what I need to do to become a better missionary.
There are 3 weeks left of the transfer, and I am likely going to leave this area. Just as a heads up. For that last week, send all my mail to the mission office, so that if I do leave I will still get my mail.

Thank you a lot for the music. So far I have only listened to the classical CD, but it was awesome. It really helped me.

I love you guys.
- Elder Keenan


I turned 19 this week, and every missionary was making fun of me for it. "You are finally old enough to be out here!" They say.

"When I am your age, I will be home," I say.

Then they shut up.

I got gorgeous packages from my family and Amanda. Full of goodies. I took a video of me opening the package from my family and things, so you will see it eventually.

Elder Edwards and Elder Worthington snuck into our apartment and decorated for my birthday. They also gave me an inflatable Salamander from the dollar store, representing the salamander letters. We have an investigator who won't read the Book of Mormon because of that.

I got a lot of sodas from family, most notably a rhubarb soda. I got a little dragon whose eyes bug out that I have named Archie. He has been getting a lot of use.

Amanda gave me a sweet tie, which, when combined with my glasses and overall knowledge of retro things, makes me look straight from 1966. At least according to my ward mission leader.

Mike has been doing well. The only issue we have is that his friends are mostly drug addicts. One of them showed up to the 3rd ward yesterday, and the bishop had to escort him out. So we need to talk to Mike about that.

We were able to teach some lessons in the sketch apartment across the street. They are some great characters over there. A lot of drug use, but a lot of nice people as well. I think we will see some good things come out of there.

I am so grateful for the chance I have to serve a mission.

- Elder Hyde

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Elder Hyde's Birthday at the Fellers

Got this photo via text today.
"Celebrated your sins birthday. This is him blowing out the lighter because I couldn't find the candles."

"Another fun shot of both of them.  And I meant your son's birthday not our sins birthday"

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mike Martin aka Wolf

We finally found a new investigator. His name is Mike Martin, but some call him Wolf. He was a navy seal, and has some pretty epic stories from the Colombian drug wars. We gave him a Book of Mormon and a few pamphlets, he read them all and came to church.

Oh, and he is homeless.

Mike Martin AKA Wolf
Elder Heninger, Worthington, Edwards and I were at the church for weekly planning, and we were going out for lunch when Mike approached us. He didn't ask for money or food, he just wanted to borrow a bike pump. We wanted to help fix up his bike, so we followed him. Turns out he is living by the creek behind the church. 

His bike was really messed up, so we decided we would take it to the bike shop and split the cost 4 ways. Luckily, the owner is LDS so he was more than willing to help us out, and he didn't even charge us.
It has only been three days and already it is easy to see the change in him. We borrowed some hair clippers from some members, and we are going to give him a haircut today.

Some members took us to this amazing place called Squeeze Inn. It was there I had the most fattening burger I have ever had in my life. The burger was sweet because they fry the cheese before they put it on. They also have this tradition there where you try to stick your toothpick in the ceiling. The whole restaurant ceiling is covered in the little flagged toothpicks.

It was finally warm enough for me this week. The hottest it got was 111, so not too bad. It didn't fall below 100 all week. It was nice.

This week was great. Hopefully we can find more people to teach.

Monday, July 1, 2013

New Companion

Hello all,

My new companion is Elder Heninger. He is from Lehi, UT. He went to Lone Peak high school. So far he is the only one I could have known before the mission. He is a lean, hyper 19 year old who has been out 10 months now. His work ethic is astounding. Take for instance last night. We had ten minutes of work time left with nothing to do. I said we should go home and start planning, but he wanted to get one more other lesson before we went in. Although we weren't able to teach a lesson, we were able to help move someone into our apartment complex.

Needless to say, I am the most tired I have been in a long time as a result of this week.

Even though we are working harder, our teaching pool is beginning to dry up. Maybe it is the 105+ degrees weather we have been having, or maybe it is a result of a overarching war of heavens. Regardless, we are busting our butts trying to find people to talk to. The bishop gave us a promise that if we visit at least six members a week, we will find someone to teach. He gave that promise as one who holds the keys over our area, so we are going to trust him.

My goals for this week are to develop more Christ-like attributes and not open my birthday package.

- Elder Hyde