Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Things They Can Do Nowadays

The parents here.
We were at the Harvest Hills 4th Ward Progressive Dinner last night, we were discussing our missionaries with another missionary parent when a text came through.  It was this photo

with the message: "Enjoying dinner with your son and his companion.  Happy birthday to Elder Payne."

The message came from Brother Feller, their ward mission leader.

The message was sent to us and Elder Payne's parents simultaneously.

We responded:  "Thanks for sending this.  Tell Elder Payne happy birthday from us."

We then saw the response from Elder Payne's parents:  "Oh how fun!!! Tell him Happy Birthday tomorrow from us: thanks so much!! Was he surprised to see the cake?  Give him a hug from his mom :)

It is amazing that the communication is real time.  We haven't had a chance to miss Keenan since we hear about him from the people he serves with!

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