Monday, May 20, 2013

My Companion is Solomon Grundy

Hello All,

At about four this morning I woke up to a strange noise. At first, I thought Elder Payne was taking a shower, then I realized he was puking. In fact, he puked so hard, he burst a blood vessel in his eye and gave himself two black eyes. He is very pale now, and looks like Solomon Grundy. This is somewhat ironic, considering that there is a running joke that he is Superman.

The biggest surprise of the week is that you guys GOT A DOG! I recall Mom saying that we are done with pets and will never get a dog. But apparently that has changed. You should send a video to me of this new family member. Where did you get him?

We picked up an amazing investigator this week. His name is Kris Conrad. He is about 50 and has done all sort of cool jobs. Mostly, he is a science teacher. He taught eskimos in Alaska and at a private school in Los Alamos. He already knows what the spirit feels like and wants to hold the priesthood eventually. He came to church with us yesterday, and very much enjoyed it. He spent the last hour with the high priests and "felt honored to feel of their spirit." His only concern was that the chapel was barren, but we were able to explain that. He really likes the paintings we have in the building.

There is a new greenie in the area named Elder Worthington. He is from Tooele. And no, he isn't related to Bro. Worthington or anybody with Kneader's. He is odd.

This week was very busy because of transfers. Three Elders stayed the night at our apartment on their way down to Antelope to pick up their trainees. That was probably the most exciting night so far. I laughed more than I have since I came out, which is a good thing.

All in all, life is good and there are no complaints. Have a good week!

Edit from family at home:

For those of you who are unfamiliar, Solomon Grundy is a DC Comics supervillian - enemy of Green Lantern, Batman and of course Superman.  

Elder Grundy

He is a zombie, inspired by the nursery rhyme:

Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday,
Christened on Tuesday,
Married on Wednesday,
Took ill on Thursday,
Grew worse on Friday,
Died on Saturday,
Buried on Sunday.
That was the end,
Of Solomon Grundy

And here is a photo of Kush

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