Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day Chat

On Mother’s Day, we had the chance to talk with Elder Keenan Hyde via Skype.

He is fat. Gained 20 pounds, he did. So I guess he really isn’t fat, he is where he should be weight wise.  He just needs to stop gaining weight or at a rate of ten pounds a month, he will gain 240 lbs!

As always, he couldn’t keep still the whole time. He kept running his fingers through his hair, drumming on the desk and you could tell that his legs were stomping, too.

We talked to him for 2½ hours. He told us loads of stories from his time out in the mission field.

It’s hard to believe he’s been out for 2 months and it’s hard to believe it’s only been 2 months.

He’s doing well and is really enjoying his time in Rocklin.

Keenan loves the area he’s serving in. The ward makes sure they are fed well (obviously from the weight gain).  He is being spoiled. He is serving in a first class ward.  If he is lucky he will be able to continue serving in supportive, active wards.  It makes the work much easier.  But likely he will end up serving in less active, less supportive wards.  It’s like being upgraded to first class on the first leg of a trip – you hope the upgrade follows your throughout the trip, but be prepared to be kicked back to coach, or worse.

Some of the experiences he shared:

A apartment/motel occupied completely by mental cases and drug addicts (sounds normal to me).  Two meth heads that live in the apartment telling Keenan and his companion they “were so cool”,  talking to them with respect because they are missionaries.  A guy talking to them while hanging out a third story window, as if nothing was more normal. The woman they were there to visit was trying to get her car to start by hooking and unhooking her battery cables over and over and over and over.  A guy came over to help her and one of the cables broke.  She freaked out blaming him for the problem.  Keenan and his companion chose that time as a good time to leave, as did the good samaritan.

A while back someone stole Keenan’s companion’s bike.  They have seen the guy and chased him down a few times, like Starsky and Hutch on bikes, but lost him.    The police now have a full description and are pursuing him. 

Keenan and another missionary were on exchanges when he felt they should go track out a little street before they went home.  They knocked on a door and a disheveled Asian guy answered.  When they asked if they could come in he gave a what-the-heck “sure”.  They talked with him for quite a while and have a follow up appointment with him.  He is from Vietnam and Catholic.  He told them when he came to the U.S.  he wanted to be Catholic, but no one would make him a Catholic.  Finally someone told him he had to take classes and pass tests.  He did and is now Catholic.  However, like most people of any religion, he has a lot of “non-catholic” views, such as premortal existence, eternal families etc.   It will be interesting to hear updates.

He met a guy with a peg leg.  The guy was running a yard sale.  They had a good long conversation with him.  Although he is Methodist, he also believes in major LDS teachings.  The guy lost his leg in an auto accident when a drunk hit him.  He didn’t sue the guy because it is more productive to focus on the good.  He has a pretty good attitude.  He said, if I break my ankle I go down to the shop and am back on my feet the next day.  If you break your ankle you are down in some way for six weeks or more.  For a living he buys the contents of storage units, donates them to charity – what he can’t donate he sells at yard sales.   That is why a $200 pair of binoculars cost his companion $20.

They have a hill in their area that is pretty much straight up.  Luckily they don’t usually have to peddle it.  When they need to go, they get a ride, which takes a few minutes.  Peddling up takes nearly an hour, having to stop half way and push.

So Keenan is happy, healthy and excited.  He is learning more every day, and become more a man, less a teenager.   

Here is the bit we recorded before I gave up because it wouldn't go full screen (I figured it out later).  Not sure why Keenan has the Ten Commandments voice in the recording.
(Forgive my crassness) 

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