Monday, May 13, 2013

Mikayla McGhie and Ken Dama

It was so nice to be able to Skype yesterday.
I forgot to tell you something about the culture here. Every kid has this thing called a Ken-Dama, or something like that. And I mean EVERY kid. It is like the ball in cup game, except harder. It is the new cool thing around here apparently.
I had my very first Baptism of the mission two days ago, even if it was her dad doing it. Her name is Mikayla McGhie. She has been taking the lessons for 20 months now, and she is 11. She had to wait so long, because she couldn't be baptized until she was officially adopted.
It was a good experience.
The first heat wave of summer hit this week, and most days were 90 degrees or so. So nice.
There are a lot of animals out here. Squirrels, snakes, lizards and like 40 different kinds of birds. THere are also lots of flowers all over the place. There is this really cool one called "bottle brush" or something like that. Pictures of that will be coming.
Sacrament meeting yesterday was a combined homecoming/mother's day focus, which resulted in some great talks about the effect of motherhood on missionary work.
Anyway, PDay is almost over, so I got to go. I love you all!
- Elder Hyde

For those interested, here is the Kendama of which he writes.  I say we all get one!

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