Monday, May 6, 2013

It's Been a Good Week

Dear Mom and Dad and Family and Whoever Else Reads This,

This week has been a good week. Even though one investigator dropped
us, we still have 3 investigators who are on date for baptism.

On mother's day, I will be on Skype on 5pm your time. If it changes, I
will call that morning for a few minutes to tell you what time I will
be on.

Thank you for all your letters!

Speaking of letters, there is a very special one coming this week. You
will see what I mean soon.(Mysterious)

I ate dinner this week with some relative of Sis. Davis, the Elmonts. They are a great family and fed us very well. 
(Brother Elmont is Sister Davis' brother, so I guess he counts as 'some relative')
Elder Hyde and Elder Payne having dinner at the Elmonts, dressed casually due to service project

Hopefully you got the pictures from the Chili Cook Off that was on
Friday. Elder Payne and I were the judges, so we ate a little bit of
everything there. Most of the Chilis were good, but there were some
that I would rather not talk about (Maybe that is why he wasn't around when she took the photos)

The little goslings that are all over the place are beginning to grow.

As I am approaching the end of my first transfer, I realize that time
passes differently here. It is both eternal and incredibly short.
Every day feels like a week and every week feels like a day. It is an
odd feeling. (Transfer is a unit of time only valid in the mission field) 

Emily sent me a sweet tie in the mail this week. I think it was this
week anyway. Solid black and very classy.

Elder Payne's birthday is this Saturday, so that will be a lot of fun.
It is weird, but both of our Birthdays will be in this zone, with each
other. It is likely anyway. I don't think that happens often. (send Elder Payne Birthday Cards)

I love you all, and the work continues.

- Elder Hyde

P.S. I did get photos of the chili cook off, but I forgot my cord at the
apartment. I will send some as we Skype.

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