Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chili Cookoff


Hello Hyde Family,

My name is Brittney Crabtree, I live in Rocklin, CA and attend the Rocklin 2nd Ward.  Last night, we had our annual Ward Chili Cookoff.  I took a few pictures of the event and your son asked if I could send them onto you today.  We had the Elders and a few of our young men be the judges for the event.  Those boys put away a lot of chili and cornbread last night and we appreciated their help in deciding the victors.  We also had some line dancing instruction.  Our bishop is in the black shirt and shorts, dancing in one of the photos.  My oldest son is holding up one of the prizes we gave away last night.  Elder Hyde wasn't at the judges' table when I snapped the picture, but I took a couple with him in the shot with his camera.  Hopefully he will be able to send them onto you when he is able to email.  (of course he forgot his cord when he emailed)

We had Elder Hyde and Elder Payne over for lunch today and it was a delight to spend some time with them.  They played and talked with my 3 boys and helped clean up lunch as well.  :)  You have a wonderful son who is serving the Lord well here in Rocklin.  We hope to get to know him better as he continues to work and serve in our area.
Doug and Brittney Crabtree

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  1. Your chili looks better than our Elders Quorum selection. Keep having fun. ^_^