Monday, April 1, 2013

Ready to Teach and Take a Nap

I am excited to leave for California. I am still surprised at some of these people. They literally wear the name of Christ on them, yet they act as if they only wear their own. People scream, are irreverent, and all around just too rowdy and talkative.

Last night, Sheri Dew came and gave a great talk on the Atonement. I am so glad we get awesome speakers like that here.

How is Schuylers face? Is my fish still alive? How are all of you?

For the flight, my companions will likely be Elder Kretschmer and Elder Ewell, because my companions go to the Arcadia Mission. 

I am so glad I get my last PDay at the MTC the day before I leave. It means I can take a nap.

Love you all,
Elder Hyde


After just 12 days here, I feel ready to teach. It is amazing. I am just nervous that now my teaching effects real people, not just fake investigators.

Dad, if you had some free time, you could volunteer at the MTC and be a fake investigator. You could be really effective, plus get to see what the missionaries are like now. It would be a good experience.

Tell Grandma Harrison thanks for the letters. I havent had time to reply to most of the letters I have recieved. Just forward my emails out until I can import all the contacts you sent.
Well, its laundry time. Have a good day.

Elder Hyde 

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  1. This reminds me of the time Jordan asked us how his bird was, and we couldn't answer...

    And, I agree Jordan! You would be an AWESOME investigator. Maybe Aaron and I should look into that to.

    Just reading all of these I can tell that Keenan is going to be an amazing missionary.